How to Perform a Perfect Dodge and Attack in Gotham Knights?

Want to know how you can time it perfect for a dodge and a counter attack in Gotham Knights? Hop in!

The Gotham Knight brings you an open-world RPG that claims to have the most dynamic Gotham till now. You can either play solo or play with your crime buddy to take down the vigilantes of the streets in Gotham. However, you do know all of these villains of Gotham that our Dark Knights used to make them kneel; there might be some new additions that you might want to know.

Performing perfect dodge and countering with a perfect attack is one of the best things you can do in Gotham Knights. Moreover, the slow-mo clip that reveals that you have perfected it feels like something else doesn’t it? Just like the skull used to get crushed in Sniper Elite.

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Performing Perfect Dodge in Gotham Knights

Performing perfect dodge and to time it reminds me of deflecting in Sekiro, and boy, was it hard. Simply, to dodge means to deflect the incoming enemy attack. This particular move has a lot to offer than just simply blocking.

Now, when the goons are about to attack, you will see that the attack line is white in color. It will turn red pretty soon, which means you are quite late. However, you must deflect the attack when the white or red line turns into a spike. And that is when you will get the perfect dodge moment in Gotham Knights. It will trigger a short slow-mo clip whenever you perfectly dodge an attack.

However, the key alignment for PC will be the Space key, Circle one for PS, and B for Xbox.

Performing Perfect Attack

A perfect attack means the counter attack that you will return to your foes. It’s obvious that these two come in simultaneously. You dodge an attack; you return it with a counter one.

All you have to do is, just after you land a perfect dodge, quickly hit the melee attack button for an instant attack. It will then count as a perfect attack. However, it also has a short slow-mo clip to show that how much you deserved that.

And this is all I had in my bag for perfect dodge and attack in Gotham Knights. Cheers!

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