How To Make Clay Mortar in Smalland: Survive the Wilds

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Clay Mortar is widely used for making shelters and other structures to survive in Smalland Survive the Wilds. This guide will show you how to make Clay Mortar in the game.

Smalland: Survive the Wilds is an action and survival game where you will play as a small creature who will get surrounded by massive enemy creatures like Spiders, Bugs, Bees, etc., in the combats. Not only that, but also players must collect Food, Water, and craft Shelters to survive in the wilds.

You will possess your colony within the game. Players may explore the vast world of Survive the Wilds, collect resources, fight enemies, such as Bugs, Spiders, Bees, etc., and make allies, such as with Grasshopper, move faster and protect themselves and the colony to survive. Also, you must make powerful Shelters and update your gears from time to time in Survive the Wilds.

To craft strong Shelters and gears, you may need Clay Mortar. Clay Mortar is one of the crucial items you will need in Survive the Wilds, as you can repair and make them stronger with it. Clay Mortar is one kind of a mixture of Clay and Bug’s Lymph in Survive the Wilds to use while crafting Shelters or repairing items.

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How To Make Clay Mortar

To make Clay Mortar, follow the steps below:

Find Clay

To make Clay Mortar, you will need Clay first. To get the Clay, you must visit the South region, where you will find Beach in the game. You will get Clay from there and sometimes in the forest. Get your Spike Pickaxe to collect the Clay.

Find Bugs’ Lymph

You can get Lymph from killing different insects like bugs and ants. It is the second essential item in making Clay Mortar.

Craft a Windmill

You will need to make a Windmill to complete the process. To make a Windmill, you must gather;

  • 10x Fiber String
  • 10x Silk
  • 10x Refined Wood
  • 5x Fiber

Get all these and make the Windmill.

Final Move

After all, these, get your items ready and make Clay Mortar;

  • 2x Clay
  • Bugs’ Lymph

Get all these in the Windmill, and you can make Clay Mortar in Smalland: Survive the Wilds.

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