How To Make and Use a Stonecutter

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By Arnan Bonny
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Here’s everything you need to know about using a stonecutter in Minecraft

Minecraft is a 2009 3D sandbox game developed by Mojang Studios. The world of Minecraft is made out of blocks, creatures, and a community. Here, you can focus on surviving the night or building a work of art – the decision is completely all yours. That being said, the game has no specific goal and can be played however your heart desires.

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There are nearly endless things to do in Minecraft. In Survival Mode, your target is gathering essential resources to survive. You’ll spend most of your time hunting, gathering, exploring, looting, organizing, and building your base.

If that sounds too daunting, then you can try your hands on the Creative Mode, where an unlimited amount of resources is right at your disposal, and you can start building whatever you like!

That said, out of the many things that help with building, a stonecutter is one of them. A stonecutter, while not absolutely essential to the game, can provide you with a lot of convenience when it comes to building. So, if you want to know more about this item, you’re at the right place.

How to Make a Stonecutter

The items required to make a stonecutter are the following:

  • 1x Iron Ingot (Obtained primarily from melting iron ores)
  • 3x Stone (Obtained by putting cobblestone in a furnace)

In order to make a stonecutter, head to a crafting table and put one piece of iron ingot in the middle of the first or second row, and then put three pieces of stones in each of the boxes in the row below the iron ingot. Heres is a picture of the crafting recipe:

How to make a stonecutter Minecraft

How to Use a Stonecutter

Once you have the stonecutter in hand, place it somewhere to use it. Clicking on it will open the stonecutter interface. Here, you need to put the material that you will use to craft something. For example, putting a cobblestone in the ingredient box on the left will display all the items you can convert that cobblestone into.

How to use a Stonecutter Minecraft

Then, once you click on your desired item, it will appear on the box on the right, and you’ll be able to drag it to your inventory. And that’s basically it!

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