How To Make And Upgrade Recurve Crossbow In LEGO Fortnite

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Learn step-by-step how to make and upgrade the Recurve Crossbow in LEGO Fortnite with this helpful guide.

In LEGO Fortnite, players need to explore a lot of different areas to collect different kinds of materials to build their village. Along their way, players will also need to take on combat against a lot of different enemies. While a lot of weapons in LEGO Fortnite work for resource collection, some of them are made for going on the offensive as well.

The Recurve Crossbow is a strong weapon in LEGO Fortnite that the players can use to save themselves in different situations. The weapon comes in handy while facing off fierce mobs like the Orange Wolves. However, crafting this item can be a bit of a hassle for the players if they are not aware of it. In this guide, we will show how to craft and upgrade a Recurve Crossbow in LEGO Fortnite.

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A Complete Overview on Recurve Crossbow

  • Upgrade to a higher-performing Recurve Crossbow with each upgrade
  • Get an improved combat advantage with the highest quality materials
  • Access exclusive content when upgrading the Crafting Bench in LEGO Fortnite
  • Unlock special rewards by crafting legendary items with the Epic Crafting Bench

How To Craft A Recurve Crossbow In LEGO Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite Recurve Crossbow Materials

Before crafting a Recurve Crossbow, players must first craft a Crafting Bench, a Spinning Wheel, and a Lumber Mill. Players will need all of these crafts if they want to craft all Recurve Crossbow variants or upgrade them.

Crafting BenchSpinning WheelLumber Mill
x3 Wood
x5 Granite.
x8 Plank
x5 Wooden Rod
x5 Wood
x5 Wolf Claw.
x8 Wood
x15 Granite.

Here are all the materials that the players will need to craft a Recurve Crossbow in LEGO Fortnite.

  • Common: x5 Wooden Rod and x1 Cord
  • Uncommon: x8 Knotwood Rod and x1 Drawstring
  • Rare: x8 Flexwood Rod and x1 Drawstring
  • Epic: x8 Frostpine Rod and x1 Drawstring

How To Upgrade the Recurve Crossbow

Players can also upgrade a Recurve Crossbow. With each upgrade, the Recurve Crossbow will get better and also perform better. However, to upgrade a Recurve Crossbow, players need to upgrade the Crafting Bench to an equal level at first. Here is every material that players will need to upgrade the Crafting Bench in LEGO Fortnite.

  • Common Crafting Bench: x3 Wood and x5 Granite
  • Uncommon Crafting Bench: x8 Plank and x3 Shell
  • Rare Crafting Bench: x12 Knotroot Rod, x15 Marble Slab, x6 Sand Claw, and x3 Sand Shell
  • Epic Crafting Bench: x15 Copper Bar, x25 Obsidian Slab, x1 Brute Scale

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