How to Kill Shark in Raft

Learn how to deal with this common occurrence of meeting and the ways to kill that damn Shark in Raft.

You have been in the sea for quite some time. Well, you were not alone on your voyage of survival. A sharp-toothed vertebrate ensures you do not feel lonely for a moment. Devs named this vertebrate Bruce. So, Bruce, the Shark is your constant companion in Raft. It has a biological clock to check on you every 5 minutes. But when you feel like touching the water surface, he will come out of thin air just like that. So, yes, this guy is pretty annoying.

Moreover, this annoyingness stonks with every bites he puts on you. Each of these love bites tends to carry 30 damages. And they say love has no pain. In this love, four bites are enough to meet with your creator. Now to stop that from happening, you can follow up with a couple of strategies. Say, you can either poke him or kill him for real. Let’s see how you can kill Bruce the Shark in Raft without any further ado.

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How to Kill a Shark

There are a couple of weapons that you can come up with to deal some damage to Bruce. These are:

  • Metal Spear
  • Machete
  • Bow and Arrow (Metal and Stone)

Now you should come up with a strategy before facing Bruce. And guess what that could be? Yes, jump into the water. By now, Bruce has detected your body odor and rushing toward you. For an effective counter-attack, be prepared with one of those weapons and target his nose. Keep an eye on when he is opening his mouth. Time it and attack his nose once again.

With every successful blow on Bruce, it will leave its attack and prepare to charge again. And with your several effective attacks and dodging, Bruce should be the one meeting with his creator by now.

However, the almighty creator has a plan for all of us. He doesn’t want to make us feel lonely. What He will do is, He will resurrect Bruce in under 3 minutes. After that, your friendly neighborhood Bruce is back in action.

What happens when Bruce dies?

As I have already mentioned about the resurrection of Bruce, simply killing him will get you some moments of silence. The moment of peace you have longed for since the game’s beginning. Moreover, you will be getting 4x Raw Sharkmeat along with its head. To assert your dominance, you can wear the shark head as a simple helmet as a cosmetic.

There you go, fellow survivor. That is all you need to know about asserting dominance by learning the ways to kill Shark in Raft. Have fun with that helmet, prost!

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