How to heal yourself in Horizon Forbidden West

Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
By Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
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Know how to heal yourself and stay in the best form at all times in Horizon Forbidden West.

If you’re playing Aloy’s newest journey in Horizon Forbidden West, you will once again come across various dangers from humans to machines to nature itself, which will eat away your health quite fast. Hence, to maintain the fight, you will need to learn to keep your health full and heal yourself, even during chaotic moments.

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Just like any sequel, Horizon Forbidden West has some major and minor changes or upgrades to its gameplay and various mechanics to make the experience better, fluid, and convenient. Likewise, the health system also saw some minor changes. But the overall system will still be very familiar to Horizon fans.

3 ways to heal in Horizon Forbidden West

1. Consuming Medicinal Berries

The fastest and the simplest way to heal your Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West is by gathering Medicinal Berries and consuming them. They can be used to heal yourself quickly. It is an ideal way of healing yourself in the early phases of the game, where maximum health is still low. On the other hand, when your max health increases, Medicinal Berries will still come in handy, especially when you are fighting and need to heal yourself without distracting yourself quickly. Hence, always pick up these berries when you come across them.

To consume a Medicinal Berry, press the up button on the D-pad and heal yourself. You will notice that the healing item meter is now gone. Instead, the berries are separately consumable healing items themselves—a welcome change.

2. Crafting Health Potions

Heal Horizon: Forbidden West

Healing Potions heals more health, but they require more effort to collect. You can get your hands on healing potions in three ways: picking up from fallen enemies, buying from vendors, or crafting them using your hunter’s kit. Crafting is the best way to go.

To craft Health Potions, press the D-pad down to enter the crafting phase. Select the Health Potion and hold the D-pad down again. The crafting menu appears where you can choose to craft anything craftable from your inventory. Select the Health Potion and hold down X to craft them. Remember to have enough space to keep them.

There are three types of Health Potions that are used to heal in Horizon Forbidden West: Small, Medium, and Large. Each requires an increasing amount of materials than its previous one while increasing more health.

  • Small Health Potion – 2 Medicinal Berries, 1 Wild Meat
  • Medium Health Potion – 3 Medicinal Berries, 3 Wild Meat, 1 Vigorstem
  • Large Health Potion – 5 Medicinal Berries, 5 Wild Meat, 1 Fiberzest

Always keep a good amount of Health Potions ready with you. They will be your only friend during intense fighting or before heading into a tough enemy.

3. Heal yourself through Cooks

Heal Horizon: Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West has a new feature, the cooks. Cooks are found in settlements all over the map. They will cook hearty meals for you using ingredients that you forage in your exploration, that heals you up; additionally, gives you various buffs, such as increasing max health, stamina, attack, etc.

Always gather ingredients and give them to the cooks to prepare some fine stat-boosting food. Use them to prepare yourself before heading onto somewhere perilous.

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