How to beat a Revenant in Dying Light 2

Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
By Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
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Learn how to kill a Revenant from GRE Anomalies in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 has special areas called the GRE Anomaly sites, spread across the world. If you visit these areas during the day, you won’t find anything special. On the other hand, if you go to these GRE Anomaly areas during nighttime, you’ll come across one of the deadliest types of Special Infected, in Dying Light 2: The Revenant.

Yes, there are other special types, such as the Virals and Howlers, that also appear at night to hunt you down. But the Revenant is only available at GRE Anomalies and is stronger than both. Hence, the reward for killing Revenants is also pretty good. You get some nice loots as well as some two Inhibitors. They can be used to upgrade your max health & stamina and increase the time limit for immunity.

Immunity is a new mechanic in Dying Light 2. During the dark, it decreases and at the end turns you into an infected, as you the player gets infected during the start of the game.

Anyways, you know now the reason why you should always go out to kill some Revenants. Now it’s time to know how to kill one efficiently.

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Killing Revenants in Dying Light 2

Revenant in Dying Light 2
credit: Techland

If you’re new to these types of games or trying to kill Revenants very early on, you might find some trouble killing them. Apart from that, they are not too hard to kill once you’re used to the game’s mechanics and become experienced with killing all types of Infected.

First of all, Revenant only appears in GRE Anomaly during the night, when you reach here, the Revenant will start attacking you.

It can damage from short range with melee attacks and ground slams. For long-range attacks, it shoots poison-based projectiles. It can also leap at you from afar, so you cannot rely on keeping your distance all the time. You need to learn to dodge both the long-ranged attacks as well as the close-up strikes. Sounds hard, but it is not, really. The melee attacks are not too strong, and you can easily dodge them.

Equipment and Strategy

defeat Revenants dying light 2

Keep a strong mele weapon and stock up and arrows for your equipment. It would be best to wait until you reach the Central Loop area to get access to ranged weapons. Furthermore, after assigning Peacekeepers to facilities, you can also get the PK Cross-bow which makes life really easy. Lastly, keep some Molotovs too to drain damage from the Revenants.

You dodge his melee when he’s near and swing away with your melee attack. When he jumps far to catch a break, throw Molotov and use your bows and PK Crossbow. This is all you need to do if you want to kill him quickly and easily.

Once a Revenant’s health drops below a certain amount, it will become more frenzy. During this time, hitting with long-range weapons may turn a bit difficult to aim. Additionally, it will also summon zombies that will attack you. During this time, he will switch between leaping great distance and coming to the ground to summon zombies. At this stage, drain its health using a well-placed Molotov.

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The map will also have Opportunity Weapons scattered, such as gas canisters and spears. You can use the canisters instead of the Molotov to kill the leaping Revenant or take out the group of summoned Infected quickly. The spear is hard to miss, especially when he’s moving erratically. Hence be patient, and when you get the opening, throw it for some serious damage.

If you’re not looking for some intense 1v1 action, there’s another quick way to take down a Revenant. Get to a high point and keep using your bows and arrows to attack the Revenant. It will reap around covering great length but falls short when it comes to height. So you will remain relatively unharmed. In fact, the Revenants projectile will also easily miss you.

After killing a Revenant

Once you’ve successfully killed a Revenant in Dying Light 2, enter the GRE Station to loot what you find, and open the container two find 2 shiny new Inhibitors. You will also find rare and unique items and equipment. If this is your first time killing a Revenant, you will also get an achievement or trophy “It Wasn’t That Hard, Was It?”.

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