How to Get Immunity Boosters in Dying Light 2

Explore the deadly nighttime longer with this guide on getting more immunity boosters in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 introduced a new mechanic in the game that no one saw coming, the protagonist getting infected at the initial parts of the game. Hence, you can only spend a limited amount of time at night or in Dark Zones before turning into one of the undead. This is called Immunity.

For a game that is all about survival, it adds a new layer of challenge and thrill to the gameplay. You have to constantly look for safe places with a UV light to keep yourself in check. In fact, in the beginning, you can only survive for a few minutes before starting to succumb to the virus.

But there are solutions to increase your Immunity, either through UV mushrooms, that give your Immunity a short boost. By 30 seconds. Or the much useful Immunity Boosters, which increases your maximum Immunity time. In this guide, you will learn how to find and collect the precious Immunity Boosters to help you survive the night in Villedore a bit easier.

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Finding Immunity Boosters in Dying Light 2

There are various ways to get Immunity Boosters. You can even buy or craft them, given you have the required materials.

GRE Containers

The best way to collect Immunity Boosters is by locating GRE Containers. They are found in GRE Quarantine Buildings, GRE Anomaly locations, Dark Hollows, and Forsaken Stores. Whenever you are in close proximity to a GRE Container, your biomarker will notify you.

Furthermore, the crates respawn, so you can always come back for some more. GRE crates will also contain Inhibitors. Combining three of them upgrades your health, stamina, as well as your natural Immunity. Always remain on the lookout for them. It means the difference between life and death.


Immunity Boosters convoy
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Evacuation, Military Convoys, and Ambulances contain Immunity Boosters. Search for them on your map and after you are done with the zombies surrounding the vehicles, search all the vehicles, tanks, trucks, containers, etc. You will indeed find the Boosters.

Additionally, just like the GRE Containers mentioned above, Convoys also respawn. Stock up on your daily helpings of Immunity Boosters from these places. Just keep yourself well-armed as the swarm of zombies will also respawn. As the initial maximum Immunity is really low, we advise you to grind a few times on the Evacuation Convoy near your first settlement. Doing so will give you an early advantage while exploring under the Moonlight.


Immunity Boosters Dying Light

Like most open-world games, you will come across various encounters in Dying Light 2. Even though sometimes you’ll feel like avoiding them, at least complete the ones that require you to rescue someone. Finishing rescue encounters gifts you Immunity Boosters.

Crafting and Buying Immunity Boosters

You can purchase as well as craft Immunity Boosters in Dying Light 2. To craft, wait till you complete ‘The Only Way Out’ quest. After this, you will receive a blueprint that allows you to craft Immunity Boosters. All you need are two Chamomile and two UV Shrooms. UV Shrooms itself gives a slight timer boost for your Immunity. But unless it is an emergency, you are better off keeping them to yourself and crafting the more helpful Immunity Boosters. Don’t rely too much on crafting from the moment you start the game because you get this quest later into the story.

Another way you can get Immunity Boosters in Dying Light 2 is by purchasing from vendors. Since the resources are essential for upgrades, weapons, and more, avoid buying the Booster through vendors.

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