How to Complete and Scavenge Evacuation Convoys in Dying Light 2

This guide will walk you through the whole process of completing and scavenging the dangerous Evacuation Convoys in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 has finally been released amid delays and hype. While initial critic scores were a bit lower than expected, gamers are enjoying this brand new open-world zombie survival experience.

Dying Light 2 focuses a lot on exploration and parkour, and to complement these two elements, you can find a lot of rare and useful items, equipment, and loots. One of the best ways to find rare loots is through the Evacuation Convoys. They are scattered all across the infested metropolitan map of the game. In this guide, you will learn how to complete and scavenge for loots from Evacuation Convoys in Dying Light 2.

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Completing Evacuation Convoys in Dying Light 2

Evacuation Convoys are stranded military APCs surrounded by fast and powerful zombies waiting for their next prey. On the map, they are marked as an orange crate. It sounds really tough but clearing these stranded APCs will let you loot them for valuable and rare items. So, the hard work is absolutely worth it. Nevertheless, things can get messy easily, so instead of advancing head-on, take a step back and prepare with the necessary equipment.


For starters, load up on Molotov Cocktails and Decoys. Both of these items are common in most games. One burns across a large area to restrict any unwanted zombie advances while the Decoys can be thrown to distract zombies and move them away from a specific place. You can buy both of them from Vendors. Additionally, you can also craft them using blueprints from the Craftmaster. On top of that, you can also use Meat Baits to lure zombies away.

After the throwables are taken care of, it’s time to check up on your weapon arsenal. Keep yourself armed with combinations of long-range(if possible) and short-range weapons. Moreover, make sure the weapons you’re carrying are all in top shape and not on the brink of their breaking point. You will have to kill around 25- 30 or even more zombies. Hence, weapon condition is of great importance here. Or else all the effort may go to waste in just one misstep. Check the condition of your weapons from the weapon wheel and prepare accordingly. Finally, wear the best equipment you own for protection and pair them with the optimal boosts and buffs.

Killing the Infecteds

 Evacuation Convoys Dying Light 2
credits: ZaFrostPet

As soon as you reach the Evacuation Convoy of your choice, initially, keep yourself away from the attention of the horde by hiding or keeping a safe distance. Then use the Decoys to lure away zombies from the Convoy APCs to a more open area. After that, you can do either of the two:

  • i) Throw the Molotovs at the crowd of zombies at the Decoy’s position.
  • ii) Use the Molotovs to quickly take care of the zombies that haven’t gone too far from the Evacuation Convoy’s sight.

We recommend the first approach as you can kill off more zombies quickly. On the other hand, the second approach carries a risk of quickly getting swarmed by at least 12-20 zombies if the Decoy loses its effect.

After most of the zombies are burned, kill off the stragglers on your own. It won’t be much trouble if your weapons do not break mid-combat.

Sometimes you will encounter zombies wearing Hazmat suits, if you hit their gas canisters on the suit, they will explode after a few seconds, so you use that to your advantage but be careful not to blow yourself up. You can also find these red canisters lying around as throwables. Ignite them and throw them at enemies to kill them with a gory explosion.

Looting for rewards

After all the pesky zombies are dead or burned to ashes, it’s time to scavenge for loot in Evacuation Convoys. Look for the back of the APCs or a secret room for a lock. Press the interact button to start a lockpicking mini-game. To properly lockpick a door, turn the picks and locks until you find the right spot where the lock turns all the way to unlock. Wait for the sound and vibrations acting as helpful cues. While unlocking with your lockpicks, zombies may jump on you from behind, so be wary of zombie groans and movement noises.

After you successfully open the Evacuation Convoy locks, you will be rewarded with Rare equipment, which you can use for stat boosts or sell them.

This is the easiest and most straightforward way to clear off Evacuation Convoys in Dying Light 2. Of course, you can complete them in your own way, which you might find more enjoyable.

On the other hand, this is the most efficient method if you are only looking for quick loot. Completing Evacuation Convoys in Dying Light 2 also increases your chances to earn Uncommon Infected Trophies, as it requires you to loot from rare zombie types.

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