How to Get Ukraine Emblem in Destiny 2

Emblems are collectible icons and backgrounds for player nameplates, visible in player roster listings and loading screens.

The recent conflict in Ukraine has affected millions of people. To support Ukraine and the people in need, Bungie has released an emblem called “Ukraine Emblem”. Basically, they have given an option to Destiny 2 players to show support and show solidarity with the Ukrainians.

The title of the emblem is “Cоняшник emblem”. Players can redeem this emblem in Destiny 2’s digital store and equip them immediately to show their support for the Ukrainian cause. Ukraine’s coat of arms inspired the emblem design, and the banner is based on Ukraine’s national flower. Here’s how you can redeem the emblem in the game.

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Step by Step Process on How to Redeem the Emblem

To redeem the emblem, follow these simple steps given below:

  • First, you need to sign in to your Destiny 2 account from the official website and head to the redemption page on
  • Then, enter the code “JVGVNTGGG” into the box below and click the gold redeem button.
  • You should be greeted with a pop-up message that the emblem has been added to fans’ Flair Collections.
  • Now relaunch the game, and navigate to the collection tab. Click on general under the flair tab, and the emblem should be visible there.
image source: thenderstash

Bungie has also made other moves besides the emblem to show support. Recently, Bungie has ceased trading in Russia and Belarus alongside other partner companies such as Nintendo. Basically, it means that players in these regions can still play Destiny 2 if they have already purchased it. However, new players from these regions won’t be able to get their hands on Destiny 2 or its numerous award-winning DLCs.

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