How to Get to Feudal Age Fast in Age Of Empires 4

Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
By Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
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We bring you the fastest way to get to Feudal Age in Age of Empires 4

Advancing ages in Age of Empires 4 is an important feat to take. As it allows you to research more technology, stronger and advanced buildings, military units, and also bonuses. Although it is not always wise to seek fast-age advancements. You should at least get to the feudal age as fast as possible in Age of Empires 4, as it unlocks way more potential in your playthrough, much more progressive than the slow-run Dark Ages.

Age of Empires IV offers 3 ages, the starting of which is the Dark Age. In this guide, we walk you through how to get past the Dark Age and get to the Feudal Age quickly.

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Reaching Feudal Age fast in Age Of Empires 4

To reach the Feudal Age in Age Of Empires 4, you’ll need a total of 400 food and 200 gold, and build a landmark. The quickest build order to do this is:

  • 7 Villagers on Food
  • 2 Villagers on Wood
  • 3 Villagers on Gold
  • 3 Villagers on Food
 Feudal Age fast in Age Of Empires 4
rearing sheep, credit: Spirit of the Law Youtube

As soon as the game starts all you have is 6 villagers. Assign all of them to rear sheep. When the 7th villager spawns, assign it to rear sheep as well. Rearing sheep takes care of food and population production.

The next step is to construct houses. As more villagers are produced, assign one to construct houses, while two will collect woods from trees. You can also assign one Villager to work on the lumber camp while the other lumber wood as well.

 Feudal Age fast in Age Of Empires 4
mining gold, credit: Spirit of the Law Youtube

Once the number of Villagers reaches 16. Assign three of them to mine Gold from Gold veins while the rest will rear sheep to increase food. Remember, you need a minimum of 400 Food. If there are more Villagers idle you can make them collect wood and construct different buildings, farms, or mines for Gold as well. The final work starts after you collect a minimum of 400 Food and 200 Gold.

After you do so, assign at least a minimum of 15 Villagers to start building a Landmark. You can assign the Gold miners to build Landmarks since Gold is only needed as a criterion to advance to the Feudal Age.

Each Civilization in the Age of Empires IV has at least one Landmark that is needed to successfully advance to the next age, but there are some exceptions. Such as with the Chinese and the Abbasids. Each of these Landmarks has its own bonuses and uses, so choose wisely.

After the Landmark completes, reassign some of the villagers to gather Food, Gold, Wood to build more Houses, to prepare for the advancement to the Feudal Age. Next, assign at least 15 Villagers to set the economy to whichever units you want to create. Some require Gold such as Man-At-Arms or Zhuge Nu. Some do not such as the Hardened Spearman, Archer.

Congratulations, you now know how to get to Feudal Age fast in Age Of Empires 4. This process is a common meta now. Furthermore, different Civilizations will take a different amount of time while following this meta, but all of them take around 5 minutes.

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