How to Get The Secret Ending: Far Cry 6

Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
By Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
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Like its predecessors, Far Cry 6 also has an interesting secret ending.

Far Cry 6 sees you playing through the country of Yara as you fight against Anton Castillo’s authoritarian government. And as with any other open-world game, Far Cry 6 takes a couple of hours to see you accomplish your goal of liberation.

Furthermore, the game’s side quests, activities, and unlockables add some extra hours. But it’s all worth it as you get your hands on unique weapons and gears to finish the game in style. In fact, if you play through just the story Far Cry 6 will take around 20 hours to beat. Additionally, if you want to delve into some extra exploration, it takes around 34 hours to beat the game.

To add an interesting touch to their games, Ubisoft added a secret ending to Farcry 6, which is really easy to miss. This is nothing new, as the earlier Far Cry games also had some sort of secret ending. Let that be an after-credit scene or an easily missable scene that happens in the first minutes of the game. Likewise, Far Cry 6 has one, and here is our guide on how to get Far Cry 6 secret ending.

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Far Cry 6: Secret Ending

Far Cry 6’s secret ending does not happen at the very beginning of the game. You have to play through a little bit, and be aware of your surroundings. Especially the dialogue. Complete the tutorial-based story quests on the first island until you reach the ‘Libertad Rises’ mission. As you finish the mission, killing Juan’s henchmen on the boats you reach an island called Zamok Archipelago. Jump in on the boat located between the two burning vessels you just emptied, and Clara calls to give you an in-depth insight into the revolution.

Reach the docks, and Clara gives you keys to a washed-up, rickety boat that you can take to escape this hellhole and reach Miami, USA. This boat is important if you want to get that ending. Hence, instead of following along the “Guerrilla” quest and talking to Juan Cortez, turn around the dock and towards that old boat (shown in the map image). Otherwise, if you talk to Juan, the game will progress, and you cannot attain this ending again.

Far Cry 6 secret ending

The boat might be rickety and old but it’s enough to take you to the USA. Hop aboard and sail west between the two small islands located at your left. As you sail past the lighthouse Dani says a short dialogue and the screen fades to black.

A cutscene plays where it shows Dani Rojas relaxing on the beaches of Miami. Life is peaceful. But what happens to your mates back in the islands, and what about the resistance? You can hear a radio newscast where it says Anton Castillo successfully defeated the Libertads and therefore the resistance has failed. Moreover, Clara has been executed for her crimes of treason. Who knows maybe your presence could have made things different.

credits: MKIceAndFire

Moreover, just the credits start to roll and the cutscene is about to end, the news talks about a dangerous pandemic that is affecting the world. Nice easter-egg Ubisoft.

Congratulations, you have unlocked Far Cry 6’s secret ending, in addition to a trophy/ achievement. Now you can reload your last checkpoint and play the entire game to the end.

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