How to get thrifty in VALORANT

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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At its very core, VALORANT is a 5v5 tactical shooter with abilities that can be used to gain additional tactical advantages over your opponents.

While Riot Games took heavy inspiration from Overwatch and Counter-Strike, most of its mechanics are more similar to CS than any other games. From the round-based system to the weapon and ability economy, VALORANT is a true example of a tactical shooter that just happened to have hero shooter quirks.

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According to Riot, abilities in VALORANT were only meant to provide additional tactical opportunities not to kill your opponents. This statement was later walked back by Riot as they claimed it was just a misunderstanding.

At the start of every round, players need to purchase weapons and abilities using credits. Credits can be obtained through completing tasks like getting kills, consuming orbs that are scattered throughout the maps, and completing rounds.

Players can only stack up to 9000 credits before it starts to overflow. So, managing your economy plays a major role in VALORANT similar to every other tactical shooter. Proper management of credits can make a massive impact on winning versus losing matches.

Eco round explained

While players can still receive some credits even after a loss, buying good rifles still plays a major role in winning a round. In order to make sure you have good credits to purchase a good weapon in the next round, players tend to save some credits by buying weapons with a lower price tag which is basically called an economical round.

VALORANT buy menu
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If you win a round where you practically saved credits by purchasing worse-performing weapons and your opponents bought top-end weapons, you will get a thrifty round. In short, winning a round while spending fewer credits than your opponent gives you a thrifty round.

The ECO rounds are the most impactful ones as they can make huge comebacks possible. In a tactical shooter such as VALORANT, careful management of your economy will give you more chances to actually make those jaw-dropping comebacks.

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As VALORANT also features purchasable abilities, economy management becomes more tricky. However, in the buy menu, you can clearly see how much you are going to have in the next round which is really helpful for beginners in this tactical shooter genre of video games.

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