How To Get S Rank in Ready Or Not

Samia Awal Moon
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How to get S Rank in Ready or Not

Here is how to get S rank in Ready or Not.

Ready or Not is a tactical first-person shooter game developed by VOID Interactive. The game lets us play as the leader of a SWAT team, and with the game’s charming skill, it captivates you with its challenging gameplay and intriguing gunplay. The game has both single-player mode and online co-op mode. Various customizations and progressions with unique agent management systems are available in the game. In the realistic gameplay, you will soon find yourself hooked on a vicious FPS experience.

There are several missions and objectives available in the game. For your performance of the tasks, you will get ranks. If you are a completionist, you may want to achieve the S rank in Ready or Not. This rank is not simple or nearly impossible to achieve. But it is possible to obtain if you practice enough with proper guidelines. Let’s talk about how to get S rank in Ready Or Not.

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How To Get S Rank in Ready Or Not

Requirements For S Rank

How to get S Rank in Ready or Not
Credit: VOID Interactive

There is a lot you need to do to achieve the S Rank. But first, you have to list your goals and try to do those tasks according to the list. So, you must remember the core points to acquire S rank. These are:

  • Complete all mission objectives
  • Report all civilians
  • Report all suspects with killing anyone
  • Secure all the evidence
  • Report all dead bodies
  • Disarm all traps
  • Try not to injure any officers

Even if you know what to do, the execution might seem very difficult in this realistic game. But do not panic; you can still do better if you follow some tips.

Tips to Follow

How to get S Rank in Ready or Not
Credit: VOID Interactive

While the S rank is challenging to achieve, you can still get high scores with patience and practice. Here are some tips that can help you:

  • First, you need to make accurate and quick target identification decisions .
  • Properly understand the game and get a hold of the game mechanics.
  • In Ready or Not, each map has its own objectives and points.
  • Focus on the goals and try to finish each job with zero errors. Even one mistake can lead you to score poorly.
  • Remember to practice a lot to learn and memorize everyone’s position.
  • Time doesn’t matter in this game, so taking your time doing everything would be a great approach.

Maintaining these steps enhances your chances of achieving the S rank in Ready or Not.

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