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Here are all the console commands in Ready or Not.

Ready Or Not is a first-person tactical shooter game where the players can play as a commander of SWAT. The game features several missions where the players must strategically plan their raid on several locations to complete particular objectives. The game fascinatingly simulates real-life SWAT raids.

Each team consists of a commander and several other players who will execute different roles in the squad. All the members of this elite squad must tactically and creatively plan their way to accomplish the mission while completing all their objectives during the mission. To make such gameplay more interesting, Ready or Not players can use several console commands to tweak a few things for fun. In today’s guide, we will take a look at all console commands in Ready or Not and how to use them.

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How to Use Console Commands

ready or not gameplay

Using the console commands in Ready or Not is not as simple as most other games, as the game doesn’t have an in-game feature to use console commands. You must install any mod to use these console commands to change a few things in the game. However, no cheat-like console command in Ready or Not will enable you to get buffs or overpower the rest.

The available console commands to be used in Ready or Not are mostly to tweak the settings, control the AI, and change some environmental settings of the map. This might not give you the best advantage over your enemies, but it will surely do its part to make the game a bit more easier.

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All Console Commands in Ready or Not

a.RonSpawnSwatIncompatibleMode (value)0/1If value=1, the game will spawn an AI Swat in your team
changesize (value)Any float value (i.e. 1.26)Changes player scale size to the provided value
destroyallaiAny float value (i.e., 1.26)
destroypawnsKills all NPCs on the map
destroytargetSet the field of value of your character to the provided value
fov (value)Any integer valueDestroy objects in your crosshair
makecrashCrashes the game
pausePauses the game, use the same command again to unpause
r.fog (value)0/1Set the field of value of your character to provided value
servertravel (value)mapname or mapname? game=GAMEMODESwitches map, or the map along with game mode
spawnrandomaiSpawns random NPC in the map
slomoSwitches map, or the map along with the game mode
showdebugShows debug parameters
teleportTeleport your character to the location pointed by your crosshair
travel [mapname]mapname or mapname? game=GAMEMODESwitches map, or the map along with the game mode
toggledebugcameraFree flying camera toggle

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