How to get more Crewmate Cards in Granblue Fantasy: Relink

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Credit: Cygames

Crewmate cards are the way to get new members to your party in Granblue Fantasy: Relink. Here is how you can get all the crewmate cards in the game.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink has many different characters you can use during your playthrough. Some of these characters you will get as a part of the main story in the game. For others, you will have to spend a special resource called a crewmate card to unlock. The game has about 20 different characters you can control and play with.

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A crewmate card is not something you can just casually find in the world. Some of them are given to you after completing the main quests. But you will have to earn most of them through various tasks and side quests. Here we will show you how you can unlock all the crewmate cards in Granblue Fantasy: Relink.

Getting All Crewmate Cards in GBF: Relink

There are 12 crewmate cards you can get in the game. Not every card can be gotten in the same way. You will get four cards from the quests at different points of the story. These are:

  • At the beginning of Chapter 0
  • At the beginning of Chapter 4
  • At the beginning of Chapter 6
  • At the beginning of Chapter 8
Credit: Cygames

For the other eight cards, you will have to earn them yourself. You can get one by being promoted to Veteran Skyfarer Rank. And you will get another one by trading Sierokarte seven Gold Dalia Badges. And the rest of them come from side quests. These are the side quests you have to complete:

  • Saga Grande: The Beginning
  • The Saga Continues: Ice
  • The Saga Continues: Fire
  • Hide and Chic
  • Wings of Antiquity
  • No One Likes Leftovers

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