How To Get Medals of Bravery in Triangle Strategy?

Tanim Hasan
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Credit: SquareEnix

Triangle Strategy is a tactical JRPG. Its team-based combat system requires you to level up multiple characters, and you will need medals of bravery to do so. Here, we will learn what a medal of bravery is and how to get them to level up your character for your journey.

It starts a bit slow just like many other JRPGs, but it doesn’t take long to get into the real game. It has all the typical JRPG fantasy magic system you would expect a game of this genre to have.

Despite having magic and fantasy-related settings, the story revolves around the human politics of the world, and your choice and action may unlock new dialogue options and paths throughout the story.

It has around 20 playable characters and a good level design with it. Each character has its perks and skills that add another level of team customization to the game.

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What are Medals of Bravery in Triangle Strategy?

Medals of Bravery are the items that you will need to promote/evolve your units to their next level. They are pretty hard to come by. So, you will need to wisely choose which units you want to integrate into your team for the final battle and upgrade them using this token.

To promote a character, first, you need to level them up to level 10. Then from the encampment screen, you can use these medals of bravery to promote the character to the next evolution. Doing this will also unlock the next 10 levels of the character.

How to Get Medals of Bravery?

You can get Medals of Bravery in two ways, and there is no way to farm them either. So you have to be careful using these.

From the Story

You will get medals of bravery as you progress through the story. They will drop randomly as you progress. Certain critical encounter has a higher chance of dropping them. But you should have enough to upgrade a few characters as you advance through the story and reach level 10 with some characters.

How to Get Medals of Bravery From the Story
Credit: SquareEnix

From Sundry Shop

The other way to get medals of bravery is from the Sundry shop. You can find the Sundry shop in the encampment. It is also known as the kudos shop. Here you can get medals of bravery for 20-30 kudos. If your sundry shop doesn’t have medals of bravery yet, keep progressing through the story, and it will show up in the shop.

How to Get Medals of Bravery From Sundry Shop
Credit: SquareEnix

But this is not an unlimited item. More medals will show up as you progress through the story. So, checking and picking up all the medals is never a bad idea. This is also the place you will spend the medals to promote your character.

As for the kudos, you can earn them through combat naturally by doing certain actions. The more effective you are at the battle the more kudos you will get. At the end of a level, it will show you how many kudos you have earned.

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