How To Get Free VALORANT Skins in 2022

If you’re new to the game or playing for a while and are sick of the default skins, you might be wondering if there was a way to get weapons skins for free. In this article, we aim to answer just that.

Your weapon is something that you spend a lot of time looking at, so if you’re spending a lot of time in this game, you might want to have something that looks different and unique from the default weapons. But if you cannot afford to purchase skins for Riots premium offerings, worry not, as you too can get cool skins for yourself absolutely free.

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What free weapon skins you can get

Unfortunately, most of the secondary and primary weapons skins in the game need to be bought with VALORANT’s Premium currency, known as VP. This currency cannot be obtained for free in any method and needs to be purchased with real money.

However, you can obtain secondary weapon skins in VALROANT that you can obtain for free. Not only can you get a skin for every single pistol in the game, but you also have multiple skin options for each weapon. There are two main methods to obtain skins for free in the game as of now, and we will be discussing both in detail.

How to Get Free Skins in VALORANT

Method 1: Agent Contract Skins

Agent Contracts are a set of small missions you can complete for every agent and get rewards in the end. An Agent contract is comprised of two Chapters and 5 tiers each for a total of 10 tiers. These contract tiers can be progressed by gaining XP, which can be accumulated through simply playing the game.

At the completion of each tier, you are rewarded with sprays, player cards, player titles, gun buddies, the agent themselves, and finally, the agent’s signature weapon.

Note that to progress an Agent contract; you need to simply keep it activated and don’t need to be playing the exact agent to progress it. You can get progression while playing any agent. Also, for faster progress, make sure to complete your daily and weekly missions, as they provide a huge chunk of XP.

Agent Contract Skins
Image: Astra’s Agent contract Tier 10 reward – Eclipse Ghost

The above image showcases Astra’s agent contract’s tier 10 reward, the Eclipse ghost, arguably the best Agent Contract skin released so far.

All agents’ signature weapons aren’t the same; Astra uses a ghost while Jett uses a sheriff, Viper uses a Shorty, etc. These weapon skins are themed after the character and are a must-have for those looking for decent-looking skin for free. So to summarize, you can obtain a free skin by activating an Agent contract and completing it up to tier 10.

Method 2: Free Battle pass Chapter Rewards

The battle pass is one of the best ways to obtain a lot of cosmetic items, especially skins, at a low price. For example, you can get 13 different weapon skins, including a melee making the Battle pass the best value purchase in the game, coming in at only 1000 VP.

But the best part about the battle pass is that it also has a free route that can be progressed without purchasing the Battle Pass. When you complete tier 40, along with the premium rewards, you also get some free rewards, including a secondary weapon skin from one of the two skin collections in that battle pass.

Free Battle pass Chapter Rewards
Image: Current Battle Pass (Episode 4 Act 3) completion reward – Coalition: Cobra Frenzy

Since the battle pass is progressed by accumulating enough XP to progress the tiers, the suggestions to complete it faster will be the same as previously mentioned. All you need to do is play the game and ensure that you complete the daily and weekly missions. So to summarize, you can obtain a free skin by completing tier 40 when any battle pass is active without needing to purchase it.

We hope this article was helpful, and now you too can own your very own shiny new weapon skin for absolutely free.

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