How to get free Esports Packs in Rainbow Six Siege

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Although the Six Invitational 2021 will not be taking place in Paris as planned, the twitch drops for this special event will remain active.

For the fifth edition of the Six Invitationals, Ubisoft separated the twitch drops into three phases, with phase 1 already completed. However, phase 2 of the Rainbow Six twitch drops started on Feb. 1 and will continue until Feb. 16. During phase 2, players will be able to receive the free charms and “Esports Packs” just by watching selected Twitch streams for a certain amount of time.

Earn Free ‘Esport Packs’

S.I 2021 Teal Charm
By watching a participating stream from 5 February 2021 (08:00 UTC) to 7 February 2021 (07:00 UTC) for at least 4 hours

S.I 2021 Blackbeard Charm
By watching a participating stream from 7 February 2021 (08:00 UTC) to 9 February 2021 (07:00 UTC) for at least 4 hours

Siege Esports Pack
One pack will be delivered every five hours from 6 February 2021 (17:00 UTC) to 9 February 2021 (06:00 UTC)

Siege Esports Pack
One pack will be delivered every five hours from 15 February 2021 (08:00 UTC) to 17 February 2021 (04:00 UTC)

From Feb 6th to 9th and from Feb 15th to the 17th, you’ll be able to get 1 free Esports Packs for every 5 hours watched. But remember to check if the streamer is on the list below and don’t forget to link your Twitch account with Ubisoft at

List of ‘Esports Packs’ streamers:

Source: Ubisoft

Popular Siege streamers like BikiniBodhi will be live for 24h straight, so make sure to grab this opportunity to increase your chances of receiving more packs and charms.

Ubisoft has not yet revealed the contents inside these Esports Packs, but hopefully, there will be some exciting rewards for all the Rainbow Six Siege fans around the world.

Update (March 15th)

Starting with the new 2021 season of the Rainbow Six Esports circuit, Twitch Drops will now be enabled for the Regional League streams. And for these drops, the special Esports Packs is returning. Viewers can easily receive these drops by watching the official Twitch streams of the European, North American, Asia-Pacific (South and North Division), and Latin America Leagues. Instead of automatically receiving the drops like before, viewers will need to manually claim the drops this time. Find more information here.

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