How to Get Explosives in V Rising

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Credit: Stunlock Studios

Explosives are very fun items to use in V Rising. They have uses in both PVP and PVE. Here is how you can get explosive in V Rising.

V Rising is a survival game where you play as a vampire. Here you have woken up from centuries-long slumber. Now you need to get your strength back and build up your castle in the process.

V Rising features a pretty in-depth crafting system. Here you will need to craft and gather many items. And that’s not all; as you play through the game and level up, you will unlock new bosses, which will drop more machinery you can add to your castle.

All the things you add to your castle help you build different things. Explosive is no different. After a certain point, you will be able to craft explosives. Here is how you can craft and use explosives in V Rising.

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How to Get Explosive in V Rising

To get explosive in V Rising, you will need to be at least level 30. That is because a level 30 boss will drop the item used for making explosives. And the boss itself uses a lot of explosive attacks, making it hard to take him on at a lower level. So, first, get to level 30; if you are not there yet, then follow these steps.

In V Rising, you will be able to kill bosses to unlock different new buildable items. However, to craft explosives, you will need an Alchemy Table. Fortunately, the level 30 boss Clive the Firestarter drops the blueprint for Alchemy Table. So, track him down via the Blood Altar and defeat him to get the blueprint for Alchemy Table.

You will need 100 Blood Essence, 12 Planks, and 12 Sulphurs to create the Alchemy Table. Gather these items and use them to create the Alchemy Table. From the table, you can use 8 Surphurs, 8 Planks, and 4 Whetstones to make a minor explosive box.

How to Use Explosive in V Rising

Crafting the explosives is the hard part of V Rising. However, using explosives is fairly straightforward. For example, you can use explosives to mine ores and raid bases with wooden gates. To mine ore with explosives, set the explosive box in the proper position. Then, hit the box to light the fuse and get out from its area. After the fuse is done burning, it will detonate.

If you want to raid with explosives, you will need to do something similar. Set up five explosive boxes along with the wooden gate. If there is not enough space for five, you can set up and explode the explosives one by one too. Once you have denoted five explosives on the gate, the gate will break, giving you access to the castle.

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