How to Get Astegon in Palworld

Samia Awal Moon
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How to Get Astegon in Palworld

Here is how to Get Astegon in Palworld!

Palworld launched just a few days ago, and the success it has enjoyed right out of the gate has been startling. At last count, Pokectpair announced that the game had sold over seven million units within just five days. The game offers many unique features that make it hard not to enjoy yourself. You can not only defeat and catch Pals but also enjoy significant benefits from these Pals. Pals can help you into your base with several tasks and are proficient in many skills. One such skillful pal is Astegon.

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Astegon is a dark dragon pal skilled in mining and an excellent choice as a flying mount. Astegon has mining level 4, which is extremely helpful, and its flying capability is also impressive. If you defeat Astegon, it will also drop various rare crafting materials that will be useful. Let’s learn how to get Astegon in Palworld.

How to Get Astegon in Palworld

Where to Find Astegon in Palworld?

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You can find Astegon in two locations on the map. One is in the southwest part near Obsidian Mountain. Head to the bottom of the Destroyed Mineshaft, and you will find the Astegon.

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Another location is in the northeast part of the map. You can fast-travel there and head towards the Deep Sand Dunes. Using a flying Pal as a mount will give you advantages. On a nearby small island, you can spot the Astegon.

How to Catch Astegon in Palworld?

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Now that you have found Astegon, here comes how to battle it. Since it has a huge health bar, you will need to keep damaging it and dodging the incoming beam attacks from it. Take your best ice-type attack power Pals with you to damage continuously. Take some heat-resistant armor with you to protect yourself.

When Astegon is low in health, capture it with a Hypal Pal sphere, as it is a big pal, and regular spheres won’t work on him. Astegon can also break free, so you might need to throw a few more Hypal Pal spheres to capture it successfully.

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