How To Get Anubis in Palworld

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How To Get Anubis in Palworld

Here is how to get Anubis in Palworld.

Despite being a relatively low-key developer, Poketpair achieved a massive breakout success by releasing Palworld. Even though the game seems quite similar to other big titles, Palworld still stands out as unique in its way. You will find yourself traversing the world and discovering new caves and dungeons, collecting Pals, or upgrading your base; the game introduces you to an additive gameplay loop where you will get stuck. Catching the unique Pals seems challenging and fun if you like to engage in tough battles.

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Anubis is a unique Pal you may want to keep in your collection because of its versatile abilities. It has a high health bar, excellent attack power, and impressive defense. Anubis is pretty strong against electric damage and also drops various rare components. But to find and catch this alluring Pal in Palworld, you need proper preparation.

Where to Find Anubis in Palworld?

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Credit: Pocket Pair

You can find Anubis in the middle of Twilight Dunes dessert. You can find it walking near a statue of power.

How to Capture Anubis

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Credit: Pocket Pair

Catching the Anubis is a tough battle since it’s level 47, and you will need lots of patience. Here are some tips to follow:

  • You can take Grass Pals as Gumoss or Petallia since Anubis is a ground-type Pal.
  • Use Assault Rifles to fight from afar to avoid getting damaged.
  • Bring a bulk of crafted ammo, as you will need it.
  • Stock Healing items since the attack power of Anubis is very high, and you and the Pals from your party can easily get hurt from the fights.
  • Take Legendary Spheres, and keep both Heat and Cold Resistant outfits. It will boil during the daytime, and you may freeze at night.
  • Only use the Legendary Spheres when its hp drops to very low.

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