How to get an extra refund token in League of Legends

Riot is giving away an extra refund token if you have already used 3 of your refund tokens.

In League of Legends, players can buy skins, champions, and other content by using their premium currency called RP. The price of the RP varies from region to region and some skins can just cost $5 where some require $35.

As there are currently around 1100 skins (although not every skin is purchasable) in League of Legends to choose from, there can be some times when you might have bought a skin by a misclick or you didn’t like the skin afterward. For those scenarios, Riot has provided three refund token to every League of Legends account. And with those Refund tokens, players can refund any skins or contents that they have brought with either RP or blue essence.

But in order to prevent abuse, players can only refund items that they have purchased in the last 90 days and there are only three refunds. Once used the refund tokens are gone for good.

However, if you have already used all three tokens already and bought a skin that you don’t like, we have a piece of good news for you. Riot is now giving away an extra free refund token in 2020.

To claim the free token or to check if you are eligible or not, you will just have to go to the League of Legends’ support page and log in there.

So what are you waiting for go grab the free refund token now and refund your most recent purchased skin that you don’t like.

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