How to fly and override a Sunwing in Horizon: Forbidden West

Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
By Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
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Yes, you can fly a machine dinosaur called Sunwing in Horizon: Forbidden West.

Horizon: Forbidden West is the next big sequel to the smash-hit Horizon: Forbidden. The sequel’s theme is still based on humanity’s struggle in a new post-apocalyptic world where all types of robotic dinosaurs roam free. Horizon: Forbidden West introduced a lot of new mechanics, gameplay elements, and more to explore. Likewise, the game also adds some new robot beasts, called Machines, one of which is the Sunwing.

The Sunwing is the only flying Machine in the game that is mountable. Yes, you can ride a cybernetic Pterosaur to fly and explore the Horizon Forbidden West world. There are many mountable Machines in Horizon: Forbidden West. To override them, you would need to unlock data from Cauldrons for each of the mounts. While you can use the collected data right away for some common mounts, a bit rarer ones require you to upgrade your spear. Overriding the most useful mounts of them all, The Sunwing requires the most work to be done for it to be overridden.

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Overriding the Sunwing in Horizon: Forbidden West

fly Horizon Forbidden West

Although you will often encounter Sunwings and many other flying creatures in the game, such as the Glinthawks, you can not mount them early in the game. In fact, you’ll only get to fly with a Sunwing at the end stages.

All the other machines can be mounted by overriding and taming them whenever you want, given you have the data. You gain the ability to override the Sunwing automatically while you progress through the game’s main story. To be more specific, at the very final quest of the game called ‘The Wings of the Ten.’ During and only during this quest, you will get to enter the GEMINI Cauldron; once they are done, you will finally have the data to craft the Sunwing override. You can now summon and override Sunwings to soar through the skies of the Forbidden West. You’ll find Sunwings right near the main base too.

It isn’t very pleasant to get this overly cool feature only at the end of the game. But to be fair, the game is all about traveling through dangerous but breathtaking locations of the game and exploring all the secrets of the Forbidden West as you try to find the cure. On the other hand, the ability to fly after completing the main story allows you to conveniently finish up all the side-quests, collectibles, and unlockables. Allowing a very smooth post-game experience. Furthermore, Sunwings also lets you get to the hard-to-reach areas or even climb a Tallneck.

Controlling a Sunwing to Fly

Sunwing Horizon: Forbidden West
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To call in a Sunwing, press down on the D-pad like you would do for other mounts. When you’ve climbed up on the back of one of these exquisite flying machines, fly at high speeds to anywhere you want. Press X to move forward, Right Trigger to climb higher in the sky, Left Trigger to climb down at lower altitudes, Circle to brake, Square to dismount. That is all there is to fly and ride a Sunwing in Horizon: Forbidden West.

After getting the Sunwing, you will barely feel like using all the other mountable machines in the game, even if there are some pretty good ones, like the Charger or the Clawstrider. Nothing can beat flying at super high speeds.

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