How to Fix VALORANT Error Code 0 in 2023

A common problem plaguing the VALORANT Community when starting up their game is Error Code 0. In this article, we will be discussing what it is and how to fix it.

Unfortunately, like most online games, it is not an uncommon scenario for VALORANT to run into various errors. When the game runs into any such error, the game client notifies you about the error in the form of an error code message.

These error codes are meant to convey what kind of error it is, but only displaying specific digits leaves players confused about what they actually mean. But do not fret because, in this article, we will be diving into detail about VALORANT Error code 0 or VAL 0.

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What is VALORANT Error Code 0?

VALORANT Error Code 0 is one of the more common errors you can encounter in VALORANT. It occurs mostly when you are just starting up the game.

Error Code 0 stands for Connection Error or Connection Timeout, meaning the Riot Client has failed to connect to the servers while starting up the game.

How to Fix (A complete step-by-step guide)

The fix to the VALORANT Error Code 0 problem is fairly straightforward. Since the code means that there has been a connection error, you can fix it by simply restarting the game. Here is the step-by-step guide.

  • First, close VALORANT
  • Close the Riot client
  • Open task manager (Ctrl+shift+Esc)
  • Click “More Details”
  • From there, check if VALORANT or the Riot client is still running
  • If they are, simply select them and hit “End Task” (Make sure not to close Vanguard)
  • Now restart the client and log into the game

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Fixing this issue can range from a minor inconvenience to several minutes of loading. Players with older systems will find this very annoying. You might also need to check that your internet connection is working fine. Sometimes you might face this error when you have an unstable network connection. Take note of the cables that plug into your router and ensure the connections are secure. VALORANT Error code 0 (VAL 0) is nothing too concerning, and you should be able to fix it in no time.

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