How to Fix Stuck in Spawn Room Bug in Overwatch 2

Are you constantly getting stuck in the spawn room in Overwatch 2? Don’t worry! This article will discuss why this bug happens and how you can fix it.

Overwatch 2 is live on a full scale, and millions of players are overflowing the servers, enjoying every bit of it. Despite its bumpy launch, Blizzard has managed to make the game relatively stable with constant updates and patches.

However, there are still some major to minor issues present in the game, which is expected. Similarly, a weird bug is causing players to get stuck in the spawn. This is a pretty annoying bug to encounter, especially if you are playing Ranked or an important match.

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Why Does “Stuck in Spawn Room Bug” Occur?

Unfortunately, there has been no confirmation on why players are getting stuck in the spawn room in Overwatch 2. As mentioned earlier, this is a bug and it can happen to anyone without any sign or warning, causing you and your team to lose a match.

For some players, it happens before the match starts. And for others, it happens after a match ends. Whatever the case, it is quite frustrating to deal with, and you cannot prevent it from happening beforehand.

How to Fix Stuck in Spawn Room Bug

As this might happen to you or your friends, knowing how to get out of this situation when stuck in the spawn room is good knowledge to have. Although there hasn’t been a permanent fix for this issue, there are some workarounds players may try to get out of the spawn in Overwatch 2.

Here are the workarounds:

Change Heroes

If you are stuck in the spawn room, it is most likely because the Hero you picked got glitched in the spawn. So, changing Hero is the easiest and most reliable way to get out of the spawn room if you are stuck.

Try Other Exits

For specific maps, there might be multiple exits from the spawn. So, if any particular exit is blocked, you can try other exits that may let you leave the spawn.

Try Using Heroes With Phasing Abilities

This is an inconsistent method. However, many players have said that using characters with phase abilities can help you get out of the spawn. If you keep trying to phase through the exits a couple of times, you may get lucky.

You can check out our Ultimate Heroes Tier List to find out to find such characters with phase abilities. However, this trial-and-error method might not work in every game.

Restart the Game

Although you might not want to quit the game during a match, there’s nothing else you can do at the moment to leave the spawn. So, if you have tried everything else from above, try restarting the game, and it should fix the “stuck in spawn” bug.

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There you go! If you follow these workarounds one by one, hopefully, you will be able to get out of the spawn. However, if you’re still facing such an issue, contact Blizzard’s Technical Support Forums and wait for an official response.

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