How To Earn Paragon Points In Diablo Immortal

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Keep reading to learn about the fastest and most efficient ways of earning Paragon Points in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal is the latest entry in Blizzard’s action role-playing dungeon crawler Diablo series. Set between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III, Diablo Immortal is a free-to-play MMORPG for android, iOS, and PC.

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Players begin their journey in the world of Sanctuary’s Wortham – a town that is currently being terrorized by cultists and the undead. You are tasked with the mission of finding and destroying shards of the Worldstone around the world of Sanctuary to bring down Skarn, a.k.a, the Lord of Damnation.

Like any RPG, Diablo Immortal also follows a well-structured character progression system, with a max level cap of 60. However, once you reach Level 60, you enter the next stage of character progression by unlocking the Paragon system. In this guide, we will be explaining what Paragon Points are and how you can earn them.

What are Paragon Points?

If you have played Diablo III, then you may already be familiar with the concept of the Paragon system. But in case you are a newcomer to the Diablo franchise, here’s how the Paragon system works. Once you reach character Level 60, you become a Paragon. After that, you continue to level up your Paragon Level.

At certain milestones in your Paragon Level, you unlock new skill trees. You can unlock skills and attributes from these trees through Paragon Points. So, in other words, Paragon points are essentially Skill Points for your Paragon trees.

The skills and attributes under these Paragon skill trees will further improve your character or yield special bonuses and rewards. Below are the different Paragon trees where you will be spending your Paragon points on:

  • Survivor – Unlockable at Paragon Level 1
  • Vanquisher – Unlockable at Paragon Level 1
  • Treasure Hunter – Unlockable at Paragon Level 50
  • Gladiator – Unlockable at Paragon Level 100
  • Soldier – Unlockable at Paragon Level 150
  • Mastermind – Unlockable at Paragon Level 150

Each of these six trees has 100 nodes that are divided into categories 2 categories: Specialized Skills and Permanent Attributes. And each of these nodes requires 1 Paragon Point to unlock. So, if you are a completionist who wants to unlock all the skills and attributes under every Paragon tree in Diablo Immortal, you need to earn 600 Paragon Points.

How to earn Paragon Points?

There are a number of ways you can earn Paragon Points in Diablo Immortal. The easiest way to earn Paragon Points is by logging into the game at least once every day. Blizzard rewards its players with

Paragon Points for joining the game every day. Moreover, the number of Paragon Points rewarded increases with the consecutive days of logging in. So, the longer your streak, the higher the reward.

Furthermore, you can also earn Paragon Points by participating in the game’s special events such as Tournaments. Alternatively, you may also purchase Paragon Points from the game’s Black Market.

However, keep in mind that there currently isn’t a way to reset your Paragon points, so once you spend them, you won’t be able to redistribute them elsewhere. So, make sure to spend them wisely.

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