How to Cure Weakness in Palworld

Muhibul Alam Chowdhury
By Muhibul Alam Chowdhury
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Everything you need to know to cure your Pals’ Weakness in Palworld

Palworld is a sandbox survival game, more so than a monster-capturing game than you might think at first. It has a lot of survival mechanics similar to those of Minecraft and Ark: Survival Evolved. Including taking care of your hunger and warmth levels, worrying about status effects, getting enough rest, etc.

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Furthermore, the Pals you capture, and promptly put to work, have needs of their own. These also include food and rest. Moreover, your Pals can get affected by a variety of illnesses, and these can strike often. If your Pals are affected by these illnesses, they will work slower and their Sanity levels will be harder to control.

You’ll need a variety of resources to be able to cure these illnesses, and you’ll need to level up significantly before you can start crafting medicine.

In this guide, we look at how you cure your Pals of Weakness, and what resources you’ll need.

Curing Weakness

Medieval Medicine Workbench

Credit: Pocket Pair

First things first, you’ll need to build a Medieval Medicine Workbench to start making medicine of any kind. To do this you’ll need to reach Level 12 and have the following materials:

  • 30x Wood
  • 5x Nail
  • 10x Paldium Fragments

High-Grade Medical Supplies

Once you’ve built and placed your medicine workbench you can interact with it to craft some High-Grade Medical Supplies. You’ll need the following ingredients:

  • 5 Ingots
  • 5 Horns (can be farmed from Eikthyrdeer)
  • 2 Bones (can be obtained by catching Vixyr and Rushoar)

Feeding Pals Medicine

Credits: Pocket Pair

If the ailing Pal is a worker in your base, approach it and press the “Command Pal” key. Then, select the “Feed” option from the menu and choose High-Grade Medical Supplies.

If the ailing Pal is in your party, simply right-click on the High-Grade Medical Supplies in your inventory and select the Pal to feed them the medicine.

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Muhibul Alam Chowdhury is a Guide writer at GameRiv.