How to Check Ping in League of Legends (and How to Fix High Ping Issue)

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How to Check Ping in League of Legends

If you are facing lag in League of Legends, you can easily check your ping to find out the problem.

Most of us play online multiplayer games to casually have fun with our friends or play competitively to improve. For example, in League of Legends, you can go into ARAM or Summoner’s Rift or even the rotating game modes like URF to have fun and enjoy your time with your friends. Or you can simply play solo/duo ranked games and try to climb the rank ladder.

Whatever your reason for playing League, you need a decent ping to get the best experience out of it. Ping issues can happen for many reasons like weak internet connection, routing issues, server problems, etc.

Usually, to play online games without any lag issue, 60 pings should be the maximum. However, it can be a little higher in some games without causing many problems. But anything near 100 pings will cause lag and stuttering issues.

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What is Ping

In an online multiplayer game, the ping will tell you how long it takes for a packet of data to travel from your PC to the server and then come back to you. It is measured in milliseconds (ms).

A good ping means that the commands you input in the game can travel to the game server and come back to you within 40-60 milliseconds. Don’t get disheartened if you have more ping than that in League of Legends. Because even 70-80 ping is not that bad considering your ping is stable, and you don’t have packet loss.

How to Check Ping in League of Legends

Ping in League of Legends
Ping in League of Legends

League of Legends will show your ping like the above picture. You can toggle it on and off by pressing ‘CTRL + F.’ This is the default hotkey setting to show ping and FPS. If it doesn’t work, you can always set it up in your settings.

To do that, open up settings either on the client or in-game. On the client, it’s the gear icon in between your ‘minimize’ and ‘close’ buttons. And in-game, you need to press the ‘ESC’ key, which will open up your settings, and you need to go into the ‘Hotkeys’ tab.

Ping Settings in League of Legends
Image Source: Riot Games

After that, scroll down and expand the ‘Display’ option by clicking on it. Once it is expanded, you should see a command named ‘Toggle FPS Display.’ Then, set it up how you like, and it should work in the game.

Toggle FPS and Ping Display League of Legends
Image Source: Riot Games

How to Fix Ping Issues in League of Legends

Although you can not fix your ping if there is a problem with your internet service provider or the game server, there are certain things you can do to make sure you get the lowest ping possible for your connection.

Turn off Downloads and Programs that Use too Much Internet

Sometimes fixing the ping issue can be as easy as just pausing ongoing downloads or closing programs that use up your internet. To do that, you can go into the task manager to view which programs are creating pressure on your internet and close them.

Make Sure You are Playing on the Right Region

Riot has many servers for League of Legends. So it would be best to play on the closest server to your area to get the lowest ping possible. Staying in Europe and playing on the NA League of Legends server will give you a higher ping.

Bad Weather can Cause Ping Issues

Harsh weather can be a reason to have a bad connection and higher ping. So you might need to wait it out.

Routing or ISP Issues

If no other solutions work, it may be time to change your ISP. If the ping issue is only with League of Legends and other games are having good ping, then it may be a routing issue of your ISP, and you can try talking to them to see if they can fix it. Otherwise, we suggest you find your local League of Legends community on social media and ask about the best ISP for playing League in your area. This way, you will find the best ISP for League in your area.


Some software can reroute your internet to reduce ping. For example, you can try out Battleping, Wtfast, etc., for free to see if they can help reduce your ping.

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Rifat Mahmood is a former League of Legends writer at GameRiv.