How to check how much money you have spent on VALORANT

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Riot Games

You can actually figure out how much money you have spent on VALORANT using three simple steps.

VALORANT is currently the fastest growing tactical shooter that is out right now. Combining elements from both CSGO and Overwatch, Riot Games created an experience that many FPS players seem to like.

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Riot Games opted to use their tried and tested freemium model to monetize and keep the whole operation going. Basically, their whole monetization policy is to offer paid cosmetic items like weapon skins and gun charms to make the whole experience free for others.

However, these cosmetic items like skins can be very expensive. If you ever wondered exactly how much money you have wasted on VALORANT, then this guide will help you.

How to check your purchase history in VALORANT

  • Visit Riot’s official support site for VALORANT following this link.
  • Log in with your VALORANT account.
  • After login, press the “GET MY PURCHASE HISTORY” button and it will reveal how much money you have spent so far in VALORANT.

VALORANT has different tiers of skins including battle passes where players can spend their money to customize their play sessions. Sometimes, it can get difficult to keep track of how much you have actually spent in this game.

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With this guide you can easily figure it out for yourself.

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