How To Change Your Name in Halo Infinite

Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
By Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
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Here is how to change your name in Halo Infinite

With Halo Infinite spelling a grand return for the legendary series, more and more players are jumping in on the action. Just like any other online game, Halo Infinite also likes to have their special and creative in-game name/ Gamertag to let people know who is coming to completely wreck them.

For Xbox players, this name is the usual Gamertag you give when making your Xbox live or Microsoft account for the first time. For first-time Halo players on PC, your player name in Halo Infinite is randomly made by Microsoft. Called Gamertag when you first create your Microsoft/Xbox account. But do not worry, as you can change this Gamertag to your signature name, anytime you like.

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Change your name in Halo Infinite

You can not really change your Gamertag from Halo Infinite, because it’s associated with the Xbox or Microsoft account you create. Therefore, what you have to do is change the name from Microsoft account settings. But remember that this change will also affect all other games on this platform.

After Microsoft assigns a random Gamertag to you, you can change it for free, once. After that, every Gamertag requires a payment of $10. So here are the two ways you can change your Gamertag for Halo Infinite:

Xbox App

Xbox App

Download the Xbox app from Microsoft Store or Open the app and log in with your Microsoft account credentials. Click the avatar on the top right corner of the screen and a drop-down box will appear. From here select settings to open a new window.

From the account section, select the ‘Change Gamertag’ option and you’ll see a new window come up from your browser. Here, enter any name you want to give and select ‘Check availability. If this is the first time, you can carry on with the change free of charge.

Finally, the page will display summarizing your new Gamertag and how it looks. If this is what you want press ‘Change gamertag’ again. Now you will see your new name in Halo Infinite. If the change is not seen, sign out and again sign in back in and you should see your name Gamertag.

A great thing about changing names or Gamertag in Xbox Live is that you can give whatever name you want, even if it matches with someone else. So for uniqueness’ sake and if it bothers you, pick a unique name not used by anyone else. Or else, matching names will have a set of numbers added in the end.

Change Your Name in Halo Infinite
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Microsoft site

Apart from the Xbox app, you can also change your name for Halo Infinite from the Microsoft website. Go to the Xbox website from your PC or phone, log in with the account you want to change names. Just like the Xbox app, select the top right corner where the avatar is and a drop-down box appears. Click on ‘Xbox Profile’ and it takes you to a page that looks like an Xbox player card with achievements and friends, follower counts showing. Click on the customize option. Or you can directly visit this link to the Gamertag changing page.

Change Your Name in Halo Infinite

Now a pencil logo should appear beside the large Gamertag displayed. Now press this and you will see that it takes you to the same page where you are prompted to put your new Gamertag as mentioned in the Xbox section. Hence, carry on and put your own personal name and press the Change gametag option.

Change Your Name in Halo Infinite

These are the ways to change your name in Halo Infinite. So don’t be confused when you hop in Halo Infinite for the first time and see a retro and funky name. Something like “Jumpybananas84”. Just follow either of the steps and you have your brand new personal brand to represent your Spartan on the battlefield.

Customizing Nameplate

Although this is not the real name displayed on your user account. The nameplate only appears in-game and has always been there in Halo. It contains a short name or a combination of letters, numbers to add a new layer of personality to your Spartan. Just like changing armor coatings, weapon skins, etc. In fact, you can also use it as a clan tag.

To do this, go to the Customize section in Halo Infinite, and select Spartan ID. From here you can type down a short 4-word name that shows up in your nameplate on your Halo Infinite profile. You can also change colors, and give a backdrop. These are different logos or complex symbols that appear behind the nameplate.

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