How to Catch Fish in Raft

Learn even the slightest thing about how to catch fish in Raft in this guide. Just stick with me till the last part.

By now, I presume you are already familiar with the environment in the Raft. You have been in the sea for the past couple of days. Collected almost any resources (trash) you have found floating on the water. Tried to make something out of those. And to talk about making something of those resources, there are plenty of handful utensils you can make out of those things. And to get bait for fishing, the resources are not uncommon.

Usually, you can catch fish without bait. But for wildlife fishing into the ocean, it would be pretty insulting to the fish to approach them without bait. And to get bait for this divine approach, you only need some trash cans. To dive into more details on how to fish, let’s get into this Raft survival guide.

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How to get Bait in Raft

I have already mentioned that you need to collect trash from the sea and make use of it. Well, even if I did not mention it, Devs knew what could be the best way to introduce the gamers to the oceanic trash. In Raft, this trash has quite some value. They are literally an exchange medium in this post-apocalyptic era. And to survive on your own in this era, you will need to trade trash cubes to get bait. That is how you can clean the ocean water, make a better place for the wildlife, and make good use of that wildlife. You know what I am talking about.

You will find about 3 types of bait in Raft to catch fish, from basic ones to expert ones. Trade the trash cubes for baits on a random large island. But, there is a catch. You can trade one trash cube for four fishing baits at a max of 5 times. After that, you need to head to another island if you want to buy more baits.

In the bait categories I have mentioned, you need to gain enough reputation for a higher-level bait. You can increase your reputation by selling fish at various posts. After selling a fish, your reputation will increase, and you will also get Trade coins. These trade coins can be used to buy different valuable resources. Let’s get back to how you can craft the fishing rod to start catching fish for real.

How to craft a Fishing Rod

To craft a regular fishing rod, you will need:

  • 6x Planks
  • 8x Ropes

However, you can also make a better rod that is made of metals. But, you need to research these items in the Research Table before going into action.

  • 3x Scraps
  • 1x Bolt
  • 8x Ropes

How to Catch Fish in Raft

Now you are ready for wilderness. Equip your desired fishing rod. After that, simply use the left mouse button to cast away the fishing line. Once you feel like something has taken a bite, press the left mouse button again to pull it. To add precious bait to your lovely fishing rod, press the right mouse button while you cast the fishing line.

There you go, monsieur. A fine way to catch fish in the Raft and devour it to your heart’s content. This is how wilderness should be. Prost!

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