How To Build A Forge in Smalland: Survive the Wilds

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Forge is built to make potent weapons like Iron Axe, Sword, and more in Smalland: Survive the Wilds. This guide will show you how to build a Forge in the game.

Smalland: Survive the Wilds is the latest Survival and Action game where you can create your colony, fight off enemies, and collect resources to survive better. You will play as a tiny creature in the vast world of insects and other creatures.

Smalland has different regions you can enjoy while playing the game, like Swamps, Forests, Beaches, Ruins, and much more. Players have to collect Food, Water and other important items like Nectar, Clay Mortar, Bug’s Lymph, Chitin, and much more to craft items. Moreover, you can build Shelters and make Forges to protect yourself from getting hurt.

Forges are like Shelters, but it is the place to craft powerful weapons and gears to fight enormous insects when they attack you and your colony. Forge is usually a WorkStation. You can create Lubber Mace, Iron Hammer, Arrows, and other powerful weapons in a Forge.

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How To Build A Forge

Before you can make a Forge, you need to check if you have unlocked and crafted the following;

  • Windmill
  • Stonecutter
  • Tannery
  • Loom and Spindle
  • Furnace

If you have all these already built, you can make a Forge.

How To Build A Forge in Smalland: Survive the Wilds

To make the Forge, collect the following items;

  • 1x Fiber String
  • 5x Clay Mortar 
  • 10x Wood 
  • 10x Stone Bricks

You can get the Fiber String by processing the Fibres you got, and then for Clay Mortar, you will need Bug’s Lymph and Clay. For Wood, you must go into the forests and cut down trees to get Wood. And lastly, for Stone Bricks, you can craft these at Stonecutter.

Get all these items together and build a Forge in Smalland: Survive the Wilds. With the Forge, you can craft powerful weapons like Iron Hammer, Axe, Sword, Morningstar, etc.

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