How Many People Have Perfect Pick’em for Worlds 2022?

Only a few people are left with perfect Pick’em in Worlds 2022.

League of Legends Worlds 2022 has been a joy to watch, with many ups and downs. We have seen a reverse sweep in the quarterfinals, along with probably one of the best series in Worlds history with Gen.G vs. DAMWON KIA. All in all, this has been an excellent Worlds tournament.

With a lot of Worlds 2022 events come drops, giveaways, etc. A celebration for the biggest League of Legends tournament is warranted for the year-long buildup that it gets. It’s delivering thus far, and the remaining matches should be a blast.

Pick’ems are also a part of the Worlds 2022 event, and every year, the perfect pick’ems get narrowed now. Let’s talk about all the people who still have perfect pick’ems in Worlds 2022.

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All the People With Perfect Pick’ems

There are currently eight people left with perfect pick’ems after the quarterfinals, and this Reddit post is the best place to check those. These eight people have perfectly picked the series and groups so far, and a lot of them were quite obvious.

Explaining Their Picks Thus Far

Their pick’ems make a lot of sense thus far. Going down the popular lines in the play-ins was fairly simple. The groups are where it was a bit of thinking. Predicting TES not to make the Worlds Knockouts stage and be 3rd was an unpopular train of thought, but it makes sense, considering TES has not played the best in past Worlds tournaments.

However, going down that path is interesting. The interesting opinion was that all eight picked DRX to be first in their group. However, with how they played the Play-ins, it makes some sense as to why these people leaned toward that. Other than that, most of the other picks are reasonable and expected.

It was just the TES and DRX picks that were worthy of debate. It was a risk, but it worked out for them. Semifinals were also fairly straightforward, given how they voted in the groups.

With all that said, this weekend could be the end of perfect pick’ems in Worlds 2022, as all of them voted for T1 to win. With popularity votes coming in, it’s expected that T1 will be voted a lot more than JDG, but JDG has been one of the tournament’s favorites since Worlds 2022 started.

Thus, we could easily see either T1 or JDG winning that series. So, if JDG wins, all the perfect pick’ems go down the drain. This weekend is very pivotal for these picks.

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