How Long to Beat Super Mario Bros. Wonder

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Credits: Nintendo

Wondering how long it will take to beat Super Mario Bros. Wonder? – Then this guide can help.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is the latest entry in the Mario franchise in Switch. It consists of eight worlds for the players to explore.

If you just want to finish the main storyline, then you will have to visit six worlds. But the special world is where you face the hardest of challenges, and it is something most Mario players want to try out.

That being said, to the completionists out there who are wondering exactly how long it takes to beat Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the answer is between 8 to 10 hours.

But this timing can be debatable as there are a few things you will have to consider before coming to a conclusion regarding the game’s duration.

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Don’t worry because that is what this guide is all about. In this guide, I will go through everything you need to know about the duration of Super Mario Bros. Wonder and how long it might take you to beat it!

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Total Duration

Super Mario Bros. Wonder
Credits: Nintendo

To get straight to the point, if you want to beat Super Mario Bros. Wonder, it will take you somewhere between 8 hours and 17 hours to beat the game. This depends on the fact that you have the necessary skills to navigate the game without restarting much.

But why this time frame? For that, you should follow this table:

Main Story~ 8.5 hours
Main Story + Side Quests~ 11.5 hours
Full Completion~ 17 hours
Casual Play~ 12.5 hours

If you are just following the main story and nothing else, then you should be able to finish the game between 8 to 9 hours. If you are doing side quests along with the main story, then it can take up to 12 hours, which is also how long it should be with a standard run.

But if you are a completionist going for all the trophies & rewards, then it might take you 17 hours or more to finish the game.

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