Hogwarts Legacy: Newt Scamander Build

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Hogwarts Legacy has a lot of spells for you to choose from. So you can mimic different characters from the book/movies. Here is how to build your very own Newt Scamander.

Hogwarts Legacy gives the players an experience of what it feels like to be a part of it. You start the school as a fifth year. Being new to the school, as you attended different classes, you get to know more about the magic and the spells, among many other things.

Hogwarts Legacy is an RPG. So you will have the option to customize the gears and talents for your character. This is where making builds come in. You can make different builds using the spells, gears, and talents we have seen the characters use in movies or books of the franchise.

Newt Scamander is the main character of the Fantastic Beasts movies. Here is how you can build him in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Newt Scamander Build in Hogwarts Legacy

There are many things you can customize for a character in Hogwarts Legacy. So let us go through each one by one to decide which house, spell, gear, and talent you will need for this build.


Newt Scamander was sorted into the Hufflepuff house while he was in Hogwarts. So we will be choosing Hufflepuff as the house for our character.


Newt Scamander uses a few different spells in the movies. And fortunately, he uses every colored spell in the game. So we can have a full spell set that can also break any shield the game throws at you. Here are the spells for this build:

  • Akio
  • Glacius/Arresto momentum
  • Diffindo
  • Bombarda

Akio is the purple shield breaker for this build. We see Newt use it a few different times in the movie. As for Bombarda and Diffindo, it is not clear which one Newt uses. But the attack spells he uses in the movies resemble both of these. So we will include both of these red spells in our arsenal.

As for Glacius and Arresto Momentum, both are yellow spells. The movie didn’t specify which one is being used. So we can use either or depending on which one you like more.

Diffindo in Hogwarts Legacy
Credit: Portkey Games

Best Talents

Newt’s build will consist of the spells we are using. So you need to get all the mastery for these spells you are using throughout the game. Newt has no dark art, so we will leave that talent tree untouched. As for the other talents, since he is an expert with the beasts, we will get the consumable talents and use all the plants to attack the enemies.

  • Basic Cast Mastery: Basic Cast impacts reduce spell cooldowns.
  • Swift: Holding down dodge allows you to vanish quickly and reappear nearby.
  • Akio Mastery: Enemies near a target summoned by Accio are also pulled to you.
  • Glacius Mastery:  Striking an enemy frozen by Glacius blasts damaging shards outward from the target.
  • Bombarda Mastery:  Bombarda causes an explosive blast with a massive area of effect.
  • Diffindo Mastery: Diffindo casts slices through impacted enemies to strike additional targets.
  • Fertiliser: For each Chineses Chomping Cabbage thrown, a second Chomping Cabbage is generated and released at no cost.
  • Headache: The damage and duration of the incapacitating effect of Mandrakes are increased.
  • Noxious: Venomous Tentacula attacks deal additional damage and break shields.

Since Newt does a lot of sleuthing, you can get some of the stealth talent from that tree to make a sleath build as well with Newt.

Best Traits

  • Concentration: Increased damage of all Damage spells.
  • Herbology: Increased damage by all plants.
  • Explosive: Increased damage with Bombarda.


Newt Scamander wears a normal long coat with a suit in the movie. So, we will wear that in the game as well. Dragonhide Protector’s Cloak and Midnight Debonair Ensemble match really well as a look of Newt in the game.

Aside from the look, the gears can be anything legendary. That way, you can slot in all the level three traits in gear to make your character do even more damage.

Newt gears in Hogwarts Legacy
Credit: portkey Games

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