Hogwarts Legacy: How Long To Beat The Game?

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By Tanim Hasan
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Hogwarts Legacy is a massive game with a long playtime. Here is how long you will need to beat the game.

Hogwarts Legacy is the definitive way to experience a Harry Potter world in a game. The game focuses on giving you an experience of what it is like being a student of Hogwarts. You start the game as a fifth-year transfer student and slowly learn everything as you try to get familiar with all the systems of Hogwarts.

In terms of the length of the game, it is quite big. According to the devs, the game has more than 100 side quests along with the main quests. But with the reviews, now we know not all the side quests are as interesting as each other. It is a mixed batch of fetch quests and some interesting side quests.

Nonetheless, because of early reviews and early access in general, we have a good idea of how long this game is going to be. Here is how long it will take you to beat Hogwarts Legacy.

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How long is Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy is a pretty big game in general. But in the modern-day standard of video game length, it is a standard-length game. The main story of Hogwarts Legacy will require anywhere between 30 to 35 hours to beat. This time is for a casual playthrough where you are not focused on doing every side quest but doing some side quests here and there.

But if you are a completionist, the playtime increases in length. While the completionist doesn’t add any new elements, you will have a few extra enjoyable sessions with the game. The Completionist playthrough will take you around 70 hours to complete.

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