Hogwarts Legacy: Choose Natty or Sebastian? All The Differences

Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Natty and Sebastian can be good friends and guide you to your legacy. But there are some differences that you may consider while choosing any one of them in Hogwarts Legacy. This guide will tell you about that.

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can live forth your days with magic in the Hogwarts world. You can visit well-known places like Dragon Alley and the Forbidden Forest, among many more. You can change the gender of your character and any other information you see suitable. Gamers get access to extraterrestrial companions, including Mooncalves, Trolls, and Dragons. There will be various quests for you to play and NPCs to be friends with.

When the Welcome to Hogsmeade quest starts, you will be asked to choose your partner, your Tour Guide to Hogsmeade, and your friend. You have to choose between Natsai Onai (Natty) and Sebastian Shallow. Natty is from Gryffindor, and Sebastian is from Slytherin. Now it will be your choice to choose whom you want as your partner.

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Choose Natty or Sebastian?

After you have done two of the classes of Professor Weasley’s, your new quest will begin, and you will be asked to choose any of the two NPCs as your friend. And the two NPCs are Natty and Sebastian.

It is your choice to choose whom you want to be friends with. Some players prefer Natty as their guide and friend as they are from Gryffindor House, and some prefer to be with Sebastian if they are from Slytherin. But you choose any of them despite your House name.

Fighting StylesDefensive (ally)Deal damage heavily
Spells1. Descendo
2. Expelliarmus
3. Arresto Momentum
1. Confringo
2. Diffindo
3. Levioso
All The Differences Between Natty and Sebastian

The main difference between Natty and Sebastian is if you choose Natty, you will get to learn more about Natty early in the game, but if you choose Sebastian, you will learn more about Sebastian.

Other than that, Tour Guide and Armored Troll Battle partners have no differences. If you choose Natty, then your Tour Guide and Armored Troll Battle partner will be Natty, and if you choose Sebastian, your Tour Guide and Armored Troll Battle partner will be Sebastian.

That’s all about the differences between Natty and Sebastian; now, it is your choice to choose whom you want as your partner at Hogsmeade.

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