Hogwarts Legacy: All Talent Categories

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Hogwarts Legacy has a few different talent trees you can choose to upgrade. Here are all the talent categories you get in the game.

Hogwarts Legacy is an RPG set in the Harry Potter book/movie universe. Here you will be playing as a student of Hogwarts and experiencing all Hogwarts has to offer. If you are looking for a definitive way to explore and enjoy the world of Harry Potter, this is it.

Being an RPG, you can upgrade several talent trees during your game playthrough. As you learn new spells and level up, more talents related to that get unlocked for you to upgrade. This is a fun mechanic to experiment with, depending on which direction you want your character to take.

That being said, here are all your talent categories in Hogwarts Legacy and how you can unlock them.

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All Talent Categories in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy has five different talent categories for the players to choose from. Each of these categories is significantly different than the other. So, depending on what talent you upgrade, you will have a different experience than any other players in this game. Let us discuss one category at a time to find out all the abilities you can have.


The first and most important category for Hogwarts Legacy is the Core category. This consists of different skill upgrade for your character. This category focuses on filling up your ancient magic meter by performing various moves, increases the healing potion effect, upgrades the dodge ability, and more.

Core category in Hogwarts Legacy
Credit: Portkey Games

Some of these abilities will be essential in any playthrough against tougher enemies. But the most important ability in this section is the Spell Knowledge I, II, III. These increase the amount of spells you have a quick slot and use in the middle of the combat.


Spells category focuses on upgrading the spells you acquire during your playthrough. It can add additional effects to a spell you are using. For example, when you upgrade it from this category, Incendio will gain an additional ring of fire.

Spells category in Hogwarts Legacy
Credit: Portkey Games

Other than that, some spells you cast upon your enemies upgrade, while others will gain extra damage when you upgrade them. Overall, depending on which spell you like, upgrading this tree is going to be a safe option for all.

Dark Arts

This is the most deadly category of all the categories. This has some nice upgrades. In this category, you will upgrade different control spells to have an additional curse debuff. When you attack a cursed enemy, it takes additional damage.

Dark Arts category in Hogwarts Legacy
Credit: Portkey Games

In addition to that, you can actually track and learn all three unforgivable curses. If you pursue that route, you can also upgrade those unforgivable curses from this category.


Stealth category in Hogwarts Legacy
Credit: Portkey Games

Stealth is limited in Hogwarts Legacy. However, this tree does have some nice upgrades if you want to do a stealth run of the game. Human Demiguise upgrade from this category lets you run while in stealth mode. Also, you can upgrade skill from this tree to reduce detection and even add an Aoe effect to stealth kill that kills all the enemies in a small area when you kill one enemy while in stealth.

Room of Requirement

Room of requirement category in Hogwarts Legacy
Credit: Portkey Games

This category focuses on upgrading the different kinds of potions and attacking plants you get in the game. If you are someone who doesn’t use consumables aside from healing, this category will be useless for you. But this has some good upgrades that you will need to beat the game’s harder content on a higher difficulty than normal.

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