High On Life: How To Get The Jetpack

High On Life gives you many different mobility tools throughout its gameplay time. Jetpack is one such item. Here is how you can get Jetpack in the game.

High On Life is a game made by Squanch Games. It is made by the Rick and Morty creator, and the dev team didn’t shy away from showcasing where they are drawing their inspiration from. All the guns you get feel like a quirky character from the Rick and Morty series. The jokes can be a hit or miss for many people, so there is an option to turn down the frequency of talking.

Aside from the jokes, the game has a good arsenal of mobility items. You get these items slowly as you progress through the game. One of the mobility items is the Jetpack. It is a handy item to have in most scenarios. And when paired with the dodge unit, it becomes even better. So here is how you can unlock the Jetpack in the game.

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How to Get the Jetpack in High On Life

Unlocking the Jetpack is pretty easy in High On Life. But you cannot just get this item from the start. First, you will have to progress a bit by taking on some bounty. To unlock the Jetpack, you will need to complete the Douglas bounty and the Krubis bounty. After you have completed these two bounty missions, the Jetpack will be unlocked in the shop.

To get the Jetpack for yourself, head over to Mr. Keeps & Sons Pawn Shop. There you can buy the Jetpack for 999 Pesos which is the currency of the game. To use the Jetpack, you just have to hold the jump button. After reaching a certain limit, the Jetpack will automatically start to hover as it has reached the maximum allowed height.

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