High On Life: 9-Torg Bounty

High On Life is a first-person shooter focusing on the comedy element. Here, one of the bounties you take on is the 9-Torg Bounty. Here is how you can complete it.

High On Life is made by the Squanch Games studio, which is led by one of the co-creators of Rick and Morty. This game focuses on the comedic element, and the comedy is very much like Rick and Morty. However, aside from the jokes, it has a decent shooter and traversal mechanics.

The gameplay of High On Life can basically be broken down to be a bounty hunter. Your character accepts the bounty and then goes around to complete it. Along the way, you will get newer weapons, and you can also buy different items after each bounty.

9-Torg bounty is one of the relatively early bounties in High On Life. Here you will have to find and kill 9-Torg in the slums area. Here is how you can complete the bounty.

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9-Torg Bounty: How to Reach and Defeat the Target

9-Torg is a crime family boss who has taken over the slums of Blim city. Your target is to find and eliminate her.

How to Reach 9-Torg

Follow these steps to reach 9-Torg. Along the way, you will also acquire the knife called knifey.

  • Talk to Gene to accept the bounty for 9-Torg.
  • Go to Blim City Slums.
  • At a point, you will be asked to pick blue or red security bots. It doesn’t matter what you pick, they both lead to the same place.
  • Then, you will be confronted by Slumsley. You can either kill him or ignore him and move on.
  • Explore the slums to eliminate the Ant army of 9-Torg.
  • Talk to the Alien Fisherman and ask him for direction.
  • Navigate the area using Kenny’s Glob Shot to reach Laundromat.
  • Inside the Laundromat, listen in for a conversation and tell them you are the buyer.
  • When inside, kill the ants to acquire Knifey.
  • Finally, Navigate the Sludge Works using Knifey as a grapple to reach 9-Torg.

How to Beat 9-Torg

9-Torg has three different moves up her sleeve. The first one is standard shooting. The bullets are visible and slow enough that you can dodge out of their way.

The 2nd one is a laser attack. The laser attack can be horizontal or vertical. If it is a horizontal laser attack, jump over it. Even if it looks like you can duck under, you will get hit by the laser. It deals a lot of damage, so jumping over the laser is your best option. As for the vertical laser, just move out of its way.

And the 3rd skill 9-Torg uses is a lethal slime. The slimes cover up the whole ground of the area. Use Knifey’s grapple to get out of the ground. Then move from bug to bug until the slimes move back from the arena. Then you can get back on the ground and keep up the fight.

To beat her, you need to dodge her moves and shoot her until her health gets to zero. Then you will face 5-Torg. You can either kill or spare her, as she is a clone of 9-Torg. And you are done with the bounty.

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