High Noon Irelia and Senna Skin Splash Art, Release Date, and Price

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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Riot Games has introduced two new champions into their High Noon skin line featuring Irelia and Senna.

Buckle up, League of Legends fans. After Ashe, Senna is also getting a horse riding High Noon gothic look. With the new skin, she will be joining Lucian in the High Noon universe, where their battle continues with High Noon Thresh.

Senna’s ability animation, horse riding, and sound effects on the High Noon skin look and feel flawless.

Irelia, on the other hand, is also getting a classic High Noon gothic look. Her animation might not be as clean as Senna’s, but she grows wings on her recall animation!

High Noon Senna

  • Release Date: Patch 10.12
  • Price: 1820 RP – Legendary skin

Splash Art

High Noon Senna
Image: Riot Games Via Surrender at 20

High Noon Irelia

  • Release Date: Patch 10.12
  • Price: 1350 RP – Epic skin

Splash Art:

Image: Riot Games Via Surrender at 20

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