Here is why developers have, for the most part, stopped adding cheat codes to games

Cheat codes in video games are what keeps games as GTA alive after one finishes the main campaign. These codes let you control everything in the game. In recent years, developers have steadily decreased the amount of cheat code that is available to the players.

There was a time when cheat codes in video games were really interesting. It kept the game infinitely replayable. Gamer’s used to go to websites like CheatCC to get recent information about cheats. In the old times during the PS1 era, they used the actual button combination to activate cheat codes. It was really all about the mystery and the thrill of being able to play the game in any mode you want.

Now as far as we can see these types of cheat codes are a thing of the past especially for consoles. PC gamers get help from the modding community. On the other hand, console players do not have that kind of luxury.

Cheat codes
Cheat codes

Developers on the Subject:

Developers when being asked why they are not shipping games with cheat codes in the console anymore. They replied that nowadays if they don’t document everything in the game it might not get the approval of the rating board. Since undocumented features may be exploited in the future, they decided that it was not worth the risk.

PC gamers are lucky to have such a devoted modding community. On the other side of the aisle, our console brethren are not so lucky. While it is really easy to find cheat codes in older video games made by the original developers. In this day and age, you have to rely on hackers to exploit the game to get the cheat codes. For better or for worse this has made PC as a more lucrative platform. We as hardcore PC gamers aren’t complaining.



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