Guide to Building the Best Rackam in Granblue Fantasy: Relink

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In this guide, I’ll talk about Rackam and everything you need to know about Rackam in Granblue Fantasy: Relink.

You’ve just unlocked Rackam as a party member in Granblue Fantasy: Relink, and you’re excited to try him out in battle. As the helmsman of the Grandcypher airship, Rackam is right at home behind the scenes supporting the team. But don’t let his easygoing nature fool you — this skyfarer can dish out some serious damage as a ranged DPS character.

Rackam, the helmsman of the Grandcypher, stands as one of Granblue Fantasy: Relink’s most formidable damage dealers. While other characters rely on melee strikes and magic spells, Rackam dominates enemies from afar with his trusty wheellock pistols. Though new players may overlook Rackam at first glance, those willing to master his mechanics will unlock immense damage potential.

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In this guide, you’ll learn about Rackam. Whether you’re a veteran Granblue player or jumping into Relink for the first time, these tips will help you obliterate foes with Rackam’s blistering ranged attacks.

Rackam Stats
Credit: Cygames via GameRiv

Rackam’s Core Mechanics

To understand Rackam’s playstyle, you first need to grasp his central mechanics: the Heat Gauge and Bull’s Eye Blast.

The Heat Gauge fills as Rackam deals damage, functioning similarly to limit breaks or super meters in other games. It passively drains when not attacking. The higher Rackam’s Heat, the faster his Charged Attack charges, creating rewarding offense/defense gameplay.

Heat Gauge building up for Rackam
Credit: Cygames via GameRiv

Bull’s Eye Blast represents Rackam’s Charged Attack. To use it, hold the attack button. The Blast’s damage scales based on charge time, which Heat reduces. A max-charged Blast with full Heat deals devastating damage, forming the crux of Rackam’s playstyle.

Commands List

Here’s the Standard Combat Examples for Rackam:

Standard Combat Examples for Rackam
Credit: Cygames via GameRiv

Rackam’s Skills


A ranged attack that inflicts DEF↓ on foes.

Skills (Spitfire) for Rackam
Credit: Cygames via GameRiv


A continuous dodging maneuver that can be controlled with the left stick. Maxes out the Heat gauge when dodging an attack with Duration.

Skills (Duration) for Rackam
Credit: Cygames via GameRiv

Bullet Hail

A ranged attack that showers a wide area with bullets for a period of time.

Skills (Bullet Hail) for Rackam
Credit: Cygames via GameRiv

Double Tap

Temporarily increases the number of hits dealt by Square (PS5) attacks.

Skills (Double Tap) for Rackam
Credit: Cygames via GameRiv

Wild Gunsmoke

Grants ATK↑ and Critical Hit Rate↑, and inflicts DEF↓ on Rackam. Instantly maxes out the Heat gauge and temporarily stops the gauge from decreasing.

Skills (Wild Gunsmoke) for Rackam
Credit: Cygames via GameRiv

Support Skills

There are two support skills for Rackam in Granblue Fantasy: Relink. One is Sleight of Hand, and the other one is Rhythmic Trigger.

Support Skills for Rackam
Credit: Cygames via GameRiv

Sleight of Hand: Bull’s Eye Blast charges faster depending on how high the Heat gauge is. Landing Square (PS5) attacks and link attacks fill the gauge.

Rhythmic Trigger: Allows Rackam to fire 3-shot bursts by long-pressing Square (PS5). Burst-fire attacks deal more damage when chained together with perfect timing.

Best Weapons for Rackam

Rackam’s weapon choice significantly impacts his damage and versatility. Here are the top options for early, and endgame:

Early Game:

  • Benedia: Respectable ATK and easy to obtain. Its basic stats help Rackam establish his offense.


  • Freikugel: Massive ATK and Critical bonuses take Rackam’s damage to the next level. Demanding to obtain but pays dividends.
Best Weapons for Rackam
Credit: Cygames via GameRiv

Adjust weapons based on whether you need more offense, crit chance, or utility. A gun with boosted Charge Attack capabilities can maximize Bull’s Eye Snipe damage, for example.

Mastering Rackam’s Combat Loop

Once you understand Rackam’s toolkit, practice the following combat flow:

  1. Initiate with Wild Gunsmoke to max Heat and gain a major ATK↑ buff.
  2. Use Spitfire to reduce enemy DEF↓ and enhance subsequent attacks.
  3. Charge and release Bull’s Eye Blast. Max charge if Heat is full to devastate enemies.
  4. Unload abilities like Bullet Hail as they come off cooldown, weaving in Charged Attacks. Abilities regenerate Heat for more Blasts.
  5. When Wild Gunsmoke ends, reapply it or other buffs like Double Tap. Repeat the loop.

Opening with Gunsmoke provides big ATK↑ and instant max Heat for early Blasts. Maintaining buffs and using abilities on cooldown preserves intense offense. Throwing in movement like Dodging maximizes damage uptime.

Ideal Party Composition

Here are complementary characters that enhance Rackam’s damage:

  • Katalina: Her ATK buffs stack with Rackam for incredible damage. She also draws enemy aggro.
  • Ferry: Her Critical Hit rate buffs compound with Rackam’s crit mechanics for insane burst damage.
  • Anre: Anre’s Break extensions give Rackam more openings to safely unleash Charged Attacks.
  • Djeeta: Her ability to group enemies lets Rackam demolish multiple foes with AOE attacks.

Characters like Lowain can also help Rackam with buffs, healing, and keeping enemies clustered for AOE assaults.

Rackam provides one of Granblue Fantasy: Relink’s most unique playstyles as a ranged crit/DPS powerhouse. Mastering his Heat Gauge, Charged Attack, and abilities will enable you to obliterate foes before they can even touch you.

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