The Secret to Mastering XP & MP Farming in Granblue Fantasy: Relink

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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Do you want to know the fastest way to earn XP & MP in Granblue Fantasy: Relink? If yes, this is your guide to leveling up fast in the game.

When you start playing Granblue Fantasy: Relink, you’ll face a lot of challenging foes along the way. Therefore, leveling up your character is necessary to beat any enemy in the game. So, you need to get strong.

While there are many ways to gain XP and MP in Granblue Fantasy: Relink, some methods are more efficient than others. As with many other RPGs, leveling up here will take some time, but not if you know what to do.

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In this guide, I’ll outline the best and fastest ways for you to farm XP and MP in Granblue Fantasy: Relink. Follow along as I break down efficient farming quests like Slimepede, powerful consumables like Spellbooks, and strategic gameplay tips.

Below are all the best and fastest ways of farming XP and MP in GBF: Relink.

Questing for XP and MP

When you first start your journey in Granblue Fantasy: Relink, following the main story quests should be your top priority. Completing these central adventures will organically level up your characters while also unlocking additional content.

However, there will come a point mid-game where you may find yourself hitting difficulty spikes. Enemies suddenly seem to have much higher HP and deal greater damage. Your trusted skills no longer have the same impact.

Quest Selection Menu in Granblue Fantasy Relink
Credit: Cygames

The most efficient way to do this is by taking on side quests from the various Quest Counters found in towns. When progress stalls in the main story, head to the counters and undertake some side content suited to your level. Moreover, Survival and Boss quests offer excellent XP/MP gains in addition to rare material drops that can be traded or crafted into powerful equipment.

Slimepede—The #1 Spot for Farming

You can fight an almost infinite number of Slimes on Slimepede. Slimepede will reward you with a lot of XP & MP for killing the Slimes. Also, Slimepede is perfect for farming XP to level up fast in Granblue Fantasy: Relink. The only downside is that Slimepede is available late into the game. If you want to ensure this quest, you’ll also need 7,500 Power.

Quest Slimepede in Granblue Fantasy Relink
Credit: Cygames

Still, if you’ve reached the post-game and have a strong enough party, Slimepede should be your go-to spot for all your farming needs. The hordes of weak Slime enemies are easy pickings for your powered-up crew, and you can rack up levels and MP at a rapid pace.

Other Top Quests for Farming

While Slimepede takes the cake, there are other great quests for earning XP and MP efficiently:

  • Seeds of Trouble (Very Hard): Slime-filled waves make this a premier spot for grinding levels from 50-70.
  • Collector’s Digest (Hard): Collect coins while defeating Slimes for excellent MP and XP gains.
  • Fort Fumigation: A Survival quest ideal for early-game leveling with a new party.
  • Any bosses you can beat consistently: Grind quick boss fights for big XP chunks.

Each of these options offers great returns for your time invested. Mix up grinding these quests so you don’t burn out on any one in particular. And shoot for S++ ranks whenever possible!

Using Consumables to Enhance Grinding

1. Spellbooks

Spellbooks are consumable items that give a large amount of XP when used, allowing you to quickly level up characters. The rarities are Copper, Silver, and Gold.

  • Copper can be bought from Siero’s Shop using Gold Dalia Badges from Quick Quests.
  • Silver and Gold are rewards from side quests and first-time level milestones.
  • Using Spellbooks saves you from having to grind as many quests for XP.

Stack up on these, especially Copper, to accelerate leveling between grinding sessions.

Consumables in Granblue Fantasy Relink
Credit: Cygames

2. Ambrosia

You can boost your MP, if you consume Ambrosia gained from Sierokarte’s shop. You can buy them for 30 Gold Dalia Badges, which will take some time to collect. But consuming Ambrosia grants a very solid injection of MP, so it’s worth the investment if you need to quickly unlock skills.

3. Fast Learner Sigil

The Fast Learner Sigil increases XP gains by up to 8% when ranked up fully. Equip this to any character lagging behind your main party to help them catch up quicker. The bonus stacks with other XP boosts too!

By using consumables like these together with efficient quest grinding, you can realize huge gains in XP and MP over time. They speed up grinding tremendously.

Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Here are some gameplay strategies to further optimize your grinding efficiency:

  • Rotate your party instead of leveling one character at a time. This allows you to grind more flexibly.
  • Change to lower-level characters before turning in quests to funnel XP to them.
  • Make skill tree planning a priority so you spend MP wisely.
  • Join or host multiplayer lobbies to blaze through quests faster.
  • Overkill enemies during Survival quests for big boosts to MP.
  • Buy the DLC items for 30% increased QP and 20% increased RP from quests.
  • Use food/camping buffs like Increased XP Gains and Slime Time.
  • Finish daily bounties for Frenzy Crystals to buy valuable items.

If you manage your party smartly, cooperate well in multiplayer, and use strategic buffs, you’ll get greater rewards for your time. Don’t neglect the impact of small bonuses and optimizations!

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