God of War Ragnarok: All Hel Tear Locations

God of War Ragnarok has a lot of favor quests you can do. Finding and closing Hel tear is one of them. Here are all the Hel tear locations in the game.

God of War Ragnarok sets us on a journey to find the purpose of our main characters. Because of the last game’s event, Ragnarok is approaching the land. Thus, Atreus, aka Loki, wants to find his purpose and role in this coming war, while Kratos is unwilling to lead his son to war.

In the gameplay side of things, everything works better than in the last game. The combat has been expanded upon the previous game, and you also get newer moves that add a new layer of strategy to the combat. Atreus is more capable, and you can also play as him in certain sections.

If you follow the story, Atreus released the Hell hound Garm, which makes Hel tear across the realms. Then Kratos promises to close them along with Atreus to fix his son’s mistake. If you are wondering where are all the Hel tears we got you covered! Here are all the Hel tear locations in God of War Ragnarok.

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All Hel Tear Locations in God of War Ragnarok

You will get to close a Hel tear for the story. But that is not the only one. There are five more Hel tears scattered across different realms. Here are all the Hel tear locations in the game:

Sindri’s House

The very first Hel tear would be in Sindri’s House. This is the story-related one you have to close. So as long as you are moving through the main story, you will encounter this Hel tear. After you complete this one, others will be available for closing.

Sindri’s House Hel Tear in God of War Ragnarok


In Vanaheim, the Hel tear is in The Southern Wilds area of the map. If you have explored this area before, you will have a mystic gate relatively close to the Hel tear. Take the gate and move close to the tear to initiate a fight and close it.

Vanaheim Hel Tear in God of War Ragnarok


Even though a Hel tear in Helheim doesn’t make much sense, it is actually the second Hel tear you have to close to progress the story. You will find it while chasing after a lead in Helheim. Since this Hel tear is a path blocker, as long as you continue the story, you will not miss it.

Helheim Hel Tear in God of War Ragnarok


The Svartalfheim Hel tear is located in the Aurvangar Wetlands area of the map. If you have explored the area before, you will have a mystic gate nearby on the opposite side of the river from the Hel tear. Go through the gate and cross the river by boat. Then you should be able to reach the Hel tear and close it.

Svartalfheim Hel Tear in God of War Ragnarok


The easiest Hel tear you can close after the story ones is in Midgard. To be precise, it is in the Midgard Well of the URD area. This area will show up after you have completed the Word of Fate mission. And since the Hel tear doesn’t show up until you trigger them in the story, you will have this area unlocked beforehand. Head up to the marked location on the map using your Slade, and the Hel tear will be visible to you.

Midgard Hel Tear in God of War Ragnarok


Alfhiem Hel tear is also near a mystic gate. The location of this Hel tear is The Strond area of the map. Just go through the mystic gate and go up to the Hel tear to close it. But the enemies in this tear can be challenging. So make sure you are well-equipped to take everyone on.

Alfheim Hel Tear in God of War Ragnarok

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