Genshin Impact’s V2.7 Twitch Streamer Recruitment Event: Registration Details, Rules, and Rewards

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Genshin Impact announced today another Twitch Streamer recruitment event where streamers can complete tasks and earn free Primogem for rewards.

Genshin Impact’s version 2.7 update is dropping on May 31, and there’s a lot of hype building in the community around the new update. The new 5-star character Yelan is making her debut with Xiao, and Arataki Itto is set to have their rerun banners. Additionally, miHoYo launched another Streamer recruitment program for small Twitch streamers to gain followers and earn some free primogems.

The official Genshin Impact Twitter account posted the start of this event aimed at smaller Genshin streamers. Below you will find all the details about this recruitment program, how to register, event details, free rewards, and more.

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Genshin Impact Twitch Streamer Recruitment Event

Genshin Impact Version 2.7 “Hidden Dreams in the Depths” update is set to release on May 31, 2022. The Genshin Impact Streamer Recruitment Event on Twitch has started today. You need to stream your gameplay, complete missions, and earn Primogems!

Here you will find the details about the recruitment event:

Registration Period

May 23 – May 27, 23:59 (UTC+8)
Email Notification: May 30
Event Duration: May 31 – June 21, 23:59 (UTC+8)
Reward Calculation: June 22 – July 7

How To Register

Participants can click on this official registration link and fill out the necessary fields to register themselves.

Event Content

Main Mission

Primary Streamer Challenge (claim up to Primogems ×640)
Stream in the Genshin Impact Category
During the event, stream in the Genshin Impact Category on Twitch for a total duration of:
8–16 hours to obtain Primogems ×160
16–24 hours to obtain Primogems ×320
More than 24 hours to obtain Primogems ×640

Additional In-Game Challenges (claim up to Primogems ×90)
Conquer the Spiral Abyss and obtain all the stars (cumulative)
Clear Spiral Abyss Floor 10 with 9 stars to claim Primogems ×10
Clear Spiral Abyss Floor 11 with 9 stars to claim Primogems ×10
Clear Spiral Abyss Floor 12 with 9 stars to claim Primogems ×10

Daily Log-In (Cumulative)
Log in for 5 days to claim Primogems ×10
Log in for 10 days to claim Primogems ×10
Log in for 15 days to claim Primogems ×10

Completing Daily Commissions (Cumulative)
Complete 5 Daily Commissions to claim Primogems ×10
Complete 10 Daily Commissions to claim Primogems ×10
Complete 15 Daily Commissions to claim Primogems ×10

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Streamer Login Rewards

Streamers participating in the event can obtain free primogem and fates when they log in every day for 14 days. Here are the rewards,

Streamer Login Rewards, Credit: HoYoLab Genshin
Streamer Login Rewards. Credit: HoYoLab

Event Details

Participants who complete registration and meet the following requirements will be eligible for the rewards:

1.1 Streamed at least 8 hours of Genshin Impact during the event period.
1.2 Successfully registered for the Version 2.7 Streamer Recruitment Event.
1.3 Linked an email to their HoYoverse account.
1.4 Registered in the event with a Genshin Impact UID on the global servers.
1.5 Clearly displayed the UID while streaming during the event.

2. During the event, additional rewards can be obtained after completing corresponding in-game challenges.

3. The reward of each challenge can be claimed once only. For the “Primary Streamer Challenge,” participants can only claim the rewards of the highest tier achieved, but for the “Additional In-Game Challenges,” the rewards of all tiers achieved can be claimed.

4. Primogem rewards will be delivered to eligible participants via in-game mail within 30 business days after the Reward Calculation period.

5. Any form of fraud in the community, event, and platform and invalid participation caused by negligence may lead to disqualification from future related events.
5.1 Example of fraud: In an attempt to get Primogems for doing nothing, Streamer A logs into Genshin Impact and is AFK for 24 hours.
5.2 Example of invalid participation caused by negligence: Streaming games/content that are not related to Genshin Impact in the Genshin Impact category in an attempt to get Primogems.

Event Rules

1. Participants must complete their registration during the registration period.
1.1 This registration is valid only for the event of this version.
1.2 The participant’s HoYoverse account must be linked to an email for contact purposes.
1.3 Participants are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and validity of their information throughout the event. The Genshin Impact team will not be responsible for any preventable mistakes and related disputes arising from participants.

2. The Genshin Impact team reserves the right to determine the eligibility of participants before, during, and after the event.
2.1 Participants who have not submitted their registration information will not be eligible to receive rewards.
2.2 Participants who fail to meet the minimum requirements will not be eligible to receive rewards.
2.3 Participants who are suspected of fraudulent behaviors or using unfair methods will be disqualified from the event.
2.4 The Version 2.7 Streamer Recruitment Event is exclusive to users on the global servers.

3. The Genshin Impact team will evaluate the challenge progress of all participants before issuing rewards.
3.1 No additional footage is required after the event concludes.
Streamers who are interested in signing up for the event can visit the link below and fill in the necessary information~ (Don’t worry, the personal information collected will only be used for contact and reward distribution purposes for this event)

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