Genshin Impact v2.4 Wintrace Event: Duration, Eligibility, New Maps, Gameplay Details, and More

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Genshin Impact v2.4 is introducing the fan-favorite event Windtrace once again and here you will find everything about it including the duration, eligibility, new maps, gameplay details, and more.

Genshin Impact v2.4 is currently ongoing and players are busy doing the new quests, exploring Emkanomiya and everything else it has to offer. But soon we will have the Windtrace come back once again after almost a year.

Genshin Impact first introduced Wintrace in May last year. It’s a simple game of hide and seek where participants have special abilities to make it more challenging and fun. According to many Genshin players, Windtrace is one of the most fun events.

Mihoyo recently released a blog post with details about the new Windtrace event coming soon.

Genshin Impact v2.4 Windtrace Event Details:


The Windtrace event will begin on 13th January 2022 and end on 27th January 2022 at around 03:59 server time.


Travelers above adventure rank 20 or above will be able t participate in this event.

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Gameplay Tutorial:

An NPC called Gygax will introduce travelers to the Wintrace event. The event can be played in custom co-op as well as online matchmaking. Playing in custom co-op, however, will not award any Windtrace coins. The only way to earn the Windtrace coins is by playing using online matchmaking.

After starting the event players will be split randomly into two teams. One team will be seekers(Hunters) and the other team will be hiders(Rebels). None of the character’s original talents will be available during this event and will be replaced with “Windtrace Arts”. Players will be able to choose their desired Windtrace Art before the start of a game.

After feedback from players, Mihoyo has decided to disable the use of alternate sprints of Mona and Ayaka.


At the start of the game, rebels get preparation time to pick their hiding spots and set up decoys.

Rebels will have to hide from the hunters until the game ends. The number of coins received will depend on how long a revel can successfully avoid the hunters. Rebels will win the round if one or more rebels are left hiding at the end of the round.

Rebels can also set up clever baits to lure the hunters away from them. If a hunter tries to capture a bait then he will be momentarily stunned.

Rebels have the ability to turn invisible by pressing the left mouse button. The cooldown of the Transparency ability is 30 secs and should be used to change position or as a last resort.

There will also be some secret favors during each round and collecting these will offer game-changing buffs. Both the hunters and rebels can collect them but the abilities they grant vary. The rebels get a powerful movement increasing ability after collecting a secret favor.


Hunters have to capture the rebels before the timer runs out to be winners and it’s as simple as that. Hunters get points based on how many rebels they capture.

Hunters can also collect secret favors but they will get one of three abilities. “Sensor Aura” allows hunters to scan a fixed area. “Mysterious Hunch” briefly shows the direction of the rebels. “Capture!” as the name suggests will dispel and capture a nearby rebel.

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Windward Arts:

There are also different abilities for the rebels and the hunter. They are below-

New Maps:

This time around Mihoyo has introduced different maps for the Windtrace event.

  • Central Hall Shawod-Chasers
  • Amidst Autumn Trees
  • The Hidden Trials
  • Ritou Rouaround
  • Terrace Patrol
  • Searching the Silent Woods
  • In a City of Yore Concealed
  • Winery Clash

Some of these maps are from the previous Windtrace while some are new from Inazuma.


Playing games of Windtrace will award players with coins. They can then exchange these coins for rewards from the event page.

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Nawshad Noor is a former Editor at GameRiv.