Genshin Impact v2.3 Livestream: Date, Time and How to Watch

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Mihoyo

Mihoyo recently announced the date and time for the upcoming Genshin Impact v2.3 Livestream.

Genshin Impact v2.3 is coming in a few days. So it’s almost time for the official live stream that Mihoyo hosts before any major update. This live stream gives us a look into what’s coming in the upcoming Genshin Impact update.

Thanks to Genshin leakers and Mihoyo themselves, we already know that Itto is coming in v2.3. But we still don’t have 100% confirmation about the other character banners v2.3 will introduce. The Livestream will also give us info about the upcoming events and gameplay features that v2.3 has to offer.

And we can’t forget the free 300 primogem codes that each Livestream gives us. Many f2p players eagerly wait for the Livestreams for these primogems. But that wait will finally be over as recently Mihoyo revealed the date and time for the upcoming Genshin Impact v2.3 Livestream.

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The official Genshin Impact Twitter account announced the date and time for the v2.3 live stream. According to the Tweet, the special program for Genshin Impact v2.3 will go live on 12th November 2021 at around 07:00 AM (UTC-5).

The Livestream will air on the Genshin Impact official Twitch channel.

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