Genshin Impact v2.2 Leak Reveals Tons of New Inazuma Furniture for the Serenitea Pot

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Mihoyo

Genshin Impact’s Serenitea Pot is getting tons of new Inazuma furniture in the v2.2 update.

Mihoyo introduced the Serenitea Pot back in the v1.5 update. It is a gadget that allows Genshin Impact players access a different realm where they can decorate to their heart’s content. Travelers can build various furniture and place them all around the indoor and outdoor setting to make their dream world.

The Serenitea Pot initially had a lot of furniture and Mihoyo announced that a lot more was coming in the near future. Recently some leaks revealed that a new Serenitea Pot Inazuma Realm is also coming in the Genshin Impact v2.2 update.

So the release of this new realm will also introduce tons of new indoor and outdoor furniture as well as sets where companions can be invited.

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Genshin Impact v2.2 Leaked Inazuma Furniture:

Recently added a lot of the upcoming Inazuma Furniture to its database. Some of the upcoming furniture and Furnishing sets are below-

Project Celestia on Twitter recently shared images of the new leaked Inazuma realm Furnishing Sets. These sets can also accommodate new characters. Some of these characters even have special dialogue when invited to these furnishing sets. also added a lot of individual indoor and outdoor furniture. Some of them are below-

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